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Sometimes the data light and the error / status light are both flashing orange which indicates a data receiving error, how do I correct this?

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If you are experiencing intermittent Data Receiving Errors while using the USB port try these few things.

1.  Reseat the USB cable connections on both ends of the cable

2.  If a USB hub is being used, remove the hub and connect the printer directly to a working USB port on the PC

3. Replace the USB cable with a known good cable

If you are experiencing intermittent Data Receiving Errors while using a Bluetooth connection try these few things (The PJ522 –BT and the PJ523-BT, identified with the Bluetooth logo on the top upper right corner of the machine; along with the PJ662, and the PJ663 all have Bluetooth communication capability).

1. Ensure that the printer is no further than 30 feet from the sending device.  IF the data errors continue to occur there may be environmental interference, move the printer still closer to the sending device.

2. Try printing to the printer using a different application and document.

3.  Print to the printer using a different sending device.

4. Because local radio interference does affect the quality of the communications, try printing to the printer in different location, a different part of town.

If you are experiencing intermittent Data Receiver Error while using an IrDA, infrared, connection you might try using steps 2 and 3 listed under the Bluetooth connection.  Infrared differs from Bluetooth in that infrared uses infrared light and works over a much shorter distance; infrared is line of sight communications.  Much like you would not being able to play a game on your PDA/ cell phone without first being able to see what is displayed on the LCD screen, with devices using infrared communications both the sending and the receiving IrDA ports must be position so that they can see each other.  They should be no further than 8 inches apart and positioned so that there is a clear straight line between them.  For best results the transmitting port and the receiving port should both be perpendicular to that clear straight line.  This may involve repositioning one or both of the devices until good communications are established.

The machine has a one year limited depot warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Mobile Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-543-6144 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays for a Return Authorization number.

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