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I recently installed a new toner cartridge and I don't think I got the full yield from the toner. What can I do?

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NOTE: If you already verified your firmware, go to STEP 3.


Verifying you have the most up to date firmware on the machine may improve toner yield and reduce the frequency of the toner replacements. Please understand the firmware update is not guaranteed to improve yield.


1.    Verify the firmware of your Brother machine:


a.    Press the OK key 2 times.


b.    Press the UP ARROW key 5 times.


c.    Press the OK key 2 times. The firmware version will be displayed on the LCD.


-      If the firmware version is 1.15 or below, continue to STEP 2.  


-      If the firmware version is 1.17 or above, go to STEP 3.


2.    A firmware update tool is available that will allow you to update your Brother machine with the most recent version firmware by downloading updates over the Internet. The updated firmware will assist in optimizing toner usage.


For instructions, refer to the solution "How do I perform a firmware update or firmware upgrade on my Brother machine?"


Once the firmware has been updated, continue to STEP 3.


3.    What types of documents do you typically print on your machine?  For example:


-      Memos

-      Documents

-      Spreadsheets and reports

-      Graphics


Genuine Brother toners are produced with a specific amount of toner to yield the following:


TN-BK starter toner cartridge: approx. 2,500 pages* (same as a standard toner cartridge)

TN-C, TN-M, TN-Y starter toner cartridge: approx. 1,500 pages* (same as a standard toner cartridge)


TN310BK standard toner cartridge: approx. 2,500 pages*

TN310C, TN310M, TN310Y standard toner cartridge: approx. 1,500 pages*


TN315BK high yield toner cartridge: approx. 6,000 pages*

TN315C, TN315M, TN315Y high yield toner cartridge: 3,500 pages*


*The approximate toner yield is in accordance with the testing protocol called ISO/IEC 19798 (Letter).  The testing protocol involves, among other things, continuous printing of a 5% coverage sample page of text.  Users who typically print one or two-page print jobs or who typically print documents with a toner coverage higher than 5% should expect to receive a lower page yield.


The number of pages that can be printed with a toner cartridge is affected by several factors, including paper size, number of pages per print job, amount of print on each page, font size and print content, such as graphics, charts, etc.  It is important to know that a typical printed document is one letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) page with 4% - 5% print coverage.


4.    Are you using genuine Brother toner cartridges?


The toner yield described above is specific to genuine Brother toner cartridges.  We do not know the expected toner life of non-Brother or refilled toner cartridges.


Brother strongly recommends customers use only genuine Brother drum units and toners cartridges.  Each individual component is designed to work with others to ensure quality and reliability.  Using non-Brother supplies may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability.  The Brother limited warranty does not apply to any problem that is caused by the use of third party drum units, toner cartridges or toner.

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