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How do I recharge the Li-ion battery?

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NOTE: The rechargeable Li-ion battery can be charged while it is inserted in the printer

NOTE: 480 minutes is needed to fully charge the rechargeable Li-ion battery.

1. Turn of the printer.

NOTE: Ensure the battery is installed.

2. Use the AC adapter and AC power cord to connect the printer to an AC power outlet, or use the car adapter to connect the printer to a DC power outlet.

NOTE: The BATT (battery) indicator light is orange when the printer is charging. When the rechargeable Li-ion battery is fully charged, the BATT (battery) indicator light turns off.

NOTE: To stop recharging the Li-ion battery, disconnect the AC power cord or the car adapter from the battery’s AC/DC connector.

NOTE: When charging the rechargeable Li-ion battery using the car adapter, the amount of voltage required to fully charge the battery may not be supplied. After being connected for 480 minutes the battery indicator will turn off and charging will stop even if the battery is not fully charged.


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