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I recently installed the starter or a new toner cartridge and I don't think I got the full yield from the toner. What can I do?

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1.  Are you using genuine Brother toner cartridges?


-    If you are using a refill or non-Brother toner cartridge, you should install a Brother toner cartridge.  Since Brother is not the manufacturer of the toner cartridge you are using, we cannot guarantee or troubleshoot the performance of the toner.  Using non-Brother drum units and toners may affect the hardware performance, print quality and machine reliability.  Each Brother laser printer is designed to work at pre-set temperatures that are matched exactly to each of our individual toner formulations.  Each individual component is designed to work with the others to ensure quality and reliability.  Brother strongly recommends that customers use only genuine Brother drums and toners for best results.


2.  What types of documents do you typically print on your machine?  For example:

-  Text documents (such as letters and memos)

-  Spreadsheets

-  Graphics (such as photos or Internet pages)


3.  What is the average size of your print jobs?  For example, do you typically print one or two page jobs a few times throughout the day or do you print larger print jobs more frequently throughout the day?


Our toners are produced with a specific amount of toner to yield the following:


TN Starter Toner cartridge - approx. 1,000 pages (Letter)*


TN210BK toner cartridge - approx. 2,200 pages (Letter)*

TN210M, TN210C, TN210Y cartridge - approx. 1,400 pages (Letter)*


*The approximate toner yield is in accordance with the testing protocol called ISO/IEC 19798 (Letter).  The testing protocol involves, among other things, continuous printing of a 5% coverage sample page of text.  Users who typically print one or two-page jobs or who typically print documents with a toner coverage higher than 5% should expect to receive a lower page yield.


The actual amount of pages you get out of a toner cartridge is dependent upon multiple factors:

-  What you print (small memos, long documents, graphics, spreadsheets/reports)

-  The amount of toner coverage on a page

-  The size of each print job (number of pages per print job)


-  You typically get the maximum yield from a toner cartridge by printing at about 5% coverage which is a short memo or letter with approximately 150 characters.  Print jobs with graphics, charts and/or large amounts of solid coverage will use much more toner and will reduce the page yield of a toner cartridge.


-  You also typically get the maximum yield from a toner cartridge by printing larger, continuous print jobs (many pages printed with one print command), rather than numerous small print jobs (one or two pages printed with one print command).  Because we want to ensure the highest quality print from the machine, toner life is not only detected by the amount of toner in the cartridge, but also the number of rotations of developer roller inside the toner cartridge.  The development roller performs additional rotations for the first page of each print job.  This means the life of the toner cartridge varies according to the average number of printed pages per job.  As the number of rotations of the developer roller increases, the chemical properties of the toner change and the possibility of poor print quality increases.  So, if the developer roller reaches its upper limit of rotations, the machine will indicate "Replace Toner" even though there is toner left in the toner cartridge.


4. We recommend shaking the toner cartridges and cleaning the corona wires inside the drum unit.


If you have the message "Replace Toner" on the LCD, redistributing the toner may clear the message when the toners and drums are reinstalled into the machine.


a. Fully open the top cover by lifting up on the handle (1) until you hear a click.


NOTE: Failure to completely open the top cover when removing and installing consumables may make it impossible or difficult to remove the consumable. Forcing the installation or removal of a consumable when the top cover is not completely open may cause severe damage to the machine.




b. Take out the drum units and toner cartridge assemblies.





NOTE: Place the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly on clean, flat surface with a piece of disposable paper underneath in case toner accidentally spills or scatters.


c. Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab located on top of the drum unit from left to right about 5 to 6 times.  Be sure to return the green tab to the home position on the left side.  The triangle on the green tab should match up with the gray color triangle (home position).


NOTE: If the green tab is not returned to the home position, there will be vertical lines on the printed pages.




d. Gently shake each drum and toner assembly side to side several times to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge.



e. Reinstall the drum and toner assemblies back into the machine by sliding it into the correct slot. Match the toner cartridge color to the same color label on the machine.




f. Close the top cover.


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