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How do I download, install, and setup a wireless label printer to work with my iPad, iPod, or iPhone application?

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IMPORTANT: Before starting to setup and install the label printer application on the iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone), your wired (for QL-580N/QL-720NW only) or wireless label printer had already been setup and working properly with the PC or Macintosh.  If you haven't set it up yet, please follow the wired (for QL-580N/QL-720NW only) or wireless setup instruction:

Please follow the graphical steps (Red box) below to setup the label printer application:

1.    Open/launch the App Store

2.    Type in brother iprint&scan in the search screen and then press Enter

3.    Click on Brother iPrint&Label icon

4.    Click on INSTALL APP button to start the installation

5.    Enter your password and then click OK

6.    Open/Launch the iPrint&Label

7.    Click on the Setup icon to setup the label printer

8.    Click on the Unspecified to find the IP address for the label printer

9.    Click Refresh if the IP address is not found

: If you are having an issue with connecting to the label printer wirelessly. Make SURE the Wi-Fi green light on the label printer is ON (no flashing). If this problem is still existed. Please confirm whether you are still able to print out a label from the PC or Macintosh via wireless connection. If it's also not working on your PC or Macintosh then you will need to reinstall the driver with wireless connection.

10. Click Printer Settings after IP address found

11. Click Check Media to recognize the label type and size in the label machine and then click Done to return to the main page.

12. Click Simple Label to create and print out a label

13. Type in your own text and then click Done when you ready to print

14. Click Print button when you are done 

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