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How do I Install the scanner driver and DSmobileCapture software in a Windows enviroment?

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Installing the scanner driver and scanning software in a Windows operating system.


         Please make sure that your computer is ON and you are logged on with an account that has Administrative Rights granted.


         Please do not insert the Micro USB Cable before installation of the software. 


NOTE:  Please make sure to connect the USB cable directly to the computer after the software installation process is completed.  Please Do Not use a HUB or other type of pass through device.


NOTE:  If you need assistance with navigating the Brother website to download software, Drivers and Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.


1.     Insert the DVD-ROM to the DVD-ROM drive in the computer you are installing to.


NOTE:  Please make sure the optical drive you are using supports DVD-ROM playback.


2.    When the screen appears, click Install Scanner Driver and follow the onscreen instructions that will take you step by step through the installation.





 If the Brother screen does not appear automatically, go to My Computer (Computer), double-click the CD-ROM icon, and then double-click AutoRun.exe.


 When you click the button - Install Scanner Driver - the DSmobileCapture scanning application will be installed automatically after the scanner driver installation is completed.


3.     Click Additional Applications to install any of these applications after initial setup.


         Button Manager V2: document scanning and storing (in specified destinations)

         PaperPort 12SE: document scanning, editing and management

         Presto! BizCard 6: business card scanning, editing and management

         BR-Receipts: receipt scanning, editing and management


Button Manager is recommended as it enhances the scanning capabilities of the machine.


NOTE:  Click the button - Download BR-Receipts - to access the Brother Online site at -


You will be prompted to create a user account in order to register your product and/or set up your cloud storage options.


For more information regarding the BR-Receipts application, please see the following:


Do I have to pay for BR Receipts?




Scanning Receipts


Other FAQ's are available on our website. 


Please Click Here to view them.

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