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How do I setup the BR-Receipts program?

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Download and install the application from our website http:\\

NOTE: An account must be created and a serial number from the machine must be entered in order to get access to the download.

Utilizing the cloud offerings will help you keep your receipt data safe and accessible from any computer.


Once the software is fully installed, please do the following:

1.  Click on the icon to launch the program.

2.  A pop-up message may appear warning you about checking the accuracy of the receipt data.

3.  If you check the box     and hit OK the message will not appear again.

4.  The program will look like the above image when first launched.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are no folders created.  You must create a Receipt Box in order to begin scanning.

5.  To create a Receipt Box, click the icon    located on the folder tab shown above.

6.  After you click the   (New Receipt Box) icon the image above, a dialog box appears.

Please enter a name, and hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.  If you need to create additional receipt boxes you can click the New button.

7.  A working folder will be created as well as your first receipt box.  Please name the box as you desire.


1.    The sub folders under inbox can be named after the type of receipts they may contain, such as food, gas, travel, etc.

2.    You may create as many folders as needed under the receipt box. 

Layout Definitions

1.    Scan Receipt button initiates scan of receipt.

2.    Import Receipt Images button  Imports receipt images previously scanned.

3.    Export to file button Exports receipt data to CSV file.

4.    Create Report button Creates customizable reports on demand.

5.    Settings button Access program settings.

6.    Export to cloud button Export scanned receipt data to cloud storage.

7.    Link to Brother Online receipt services button  Open cloud storage to view documents saved in this location

8.    Folder tab Organizes receipt data by custom folders.

9.    Search tab Allows for detailed search of receipt data.

10. Receipt type display selector Allows you to view 3 modes of receipts, All, Recently Added and Unverified.

11. Search Bar

12. Receipt Data Area As receipts are scanned the data will be visible here.

13. Image of selected receipt Shows scanned receipt image.

14. Verification fields Allows you to correct any data as needed before saving.

15. Zoom Control for receipt image Controls the size of the receipt image.





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