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How do I duplex scan with the DS720D or DS920DW in Windows?

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1.     Open DSmobileCapture application.




Click the Start Button.





Choose the Brother DS-720D Program Group.


Choose DSmobileCapture.




Choose the DS-720D Scanner and press OK.





     Modify the File Format type and target directory if needed.




Choose Setup icon




a.    Step 1 – Place a check mark in the Duplex setting box.


b.    Step 2 - Choose any settings you may wish to modify.


c.    Step 3 - Choose OK.




Click the Scan button on the menu bar.


9.    Scan results will appear in the left pane of the application.



You may select an image to make it active in the larger viewing pane.


Note: The file names are assigned automatically by the application.  You may edit the names outside of DSmobileCapture if needed at the target directory specified during the scan.


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