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How do I install, using a USB cable, the scanner software and driver for Windows OS from the CD/DVD disc?

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Before you install; log onto your PC using a login with Administrator rights, make sure that the USB cable is not connected, and close any programs running on the PC.

NOTE:  The screens may differ depending on your operating system.  If you are running, Windows XP, be sure to update your operating system to Service Pack 3.

1. Insert the installation DVD into your DVD-ROM drive and click Run start.exe. If the installation procedure does not automatically start, double click on the DVD icon (under Computer or My Computer) and then double click on start.exe.

2. The below menu will appear.  Click on your model.

3. In the following menu select the desired language.

4. On the below Menu select Install the MFL-Pro Suite - (full driver and software package) button.

5. In the below dialog box please read the License Agreement and if you agree click on the Yes button. 

6. When the below dialog box appears you may turn on the scanner and connect the scanner to the PC using the USB cable provided.

Once the scanner is connected the USB port will recognize the scanner and a series of messages will appear indicating the progress of the Driver installation.

With the appearance of the below screen you will see the continuation of the install procedure and it may take a few minutes to complete this step.

7. Plug in the USB cable and Click the Next button.

8. Once the below screen appears you have an opportunity to register your scanner.

To register your scanner click on the Brother Registration button and follow the instruction.  If you click on the Next button without clicking on the Brother Registration button the installation will continue without registering your scanner.  If you desire you may register your scanner at a later time.

NOTE: You must have internet access on your computer to register your scanner at this time.

9. When the below screen appears it is highly recommended that you restart your computer by click on the Yes, I want to restart my computer now button and then click on the Finish Button.

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