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Description of Problem 100000036058

I am unable to scan to the DS scanner in Macintosh OS via USB connection. How can I correct this issue?

Description of Solution 200000046106

NOTE:  This solution applies to Macintosh operating systems 10.8 and earlier.

IF you are using 10.9 or greater them click the link HERE for the required scanning software.


Here are the possible causes when you are unable to scan a document via USB connection:

1.    Scanner Not Connected

a)    Please make sure the scanner is power on and the USB cable connects directly between the scanner and Macintosh USB port.

2.    USB Cable Loose

a)    Please make sure the USB cable is securely connected at both ends.

b)    Please make sure the scanner is connected directly to the computer, no hubs or other pass through devices.

3.    USB Port possibly defective.

a)    Please try another USB port on the computer.

b)    Please try a different USB cable if you have one or/and try to connect a scanner to a different Macintosh machine.

4.    Driver Not Installed.

a)    Please follow steps below to install the software and driver. If you already installed the driver, skip step 1-9 and go to step 10 below to test out the scanner connection.

1.    Go to

2.    Enter the model and then click Search button OR select Category, Model, and then click GO.

3.    Under Downloads and Drivers tab, click Downloads on Our Online Solution Center.

4.    Under Downloads tab, select your Operating System (OS) version, click Search.

5.    Under Downloads tab, Under Select OS, select your Operating System, and then click on the Search button.

6.    Under Scanner Driver, click Download & Information. The screen changes supply the software version; update history, and download/installation info.

7.    Click on the Download button, read the License Agreement, click I Accept.

8.    After the download is completed, click Downloads icon, double click on the Dsmobile 600 Driver.pkg or Dsmobile 700D Driver.pkg icon below to start the installation process, and then follow the default/prompt screens until the driver installation is completed.

10. Click Go menu from the Desktop => Applications folder => System Preferences => Print & Scan

11. The Dsmobile 600/700D machine should be displayed in the Print & Scan window.

Note:  If the scanner is not listed here, click + sign, select the Brother DS scanner from Default tab, and then click Add button.  If the scanner is not listed under the Default tab either, please follow step 1-9 to download and reinstall the scanner driver.


12. Click DSmobile 600/700D, Open Scanner, Scanner window below appears, insert a document into scanner feeder face down and then click Scan button.

13. Once you confirmed the scanner driver is working properly, you may use the DS scanner with other scanner applications that are TWAIN based.


If you are still experiencing a same issue with the DS scanner and the machine is still under warranty, please contact Brother Customer Service at 1-877-276-8437 or

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