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How do I connect my RJ4030 to Bluetooth using Windows 7, 32-bit?

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NOTE: The following steps assume your computer and printer are Bluetooth enabled.  If you are unsure, click the up arrow as seen below, to the left of your clock, or look in your tray icons area, and check for a Bluetooth icon.  If there is no icon, you may have Bluetooth turned off, or may not have Bluetooth on your computer.  Contact your computer vendor for support regarding your computer’s hardware:

COM Port Setup Instructions **IMPORTANT – MUST BE DONE FIRST**

1. Click the Start button in the lower left-hand corner, then click on "Devices and Printers".


2. Click "Add a device":

3. Select your printer from the list.  It will show up the list as "RJ-4030xxxx", where "xxxx" will be the last 4-digits of your printer’s serial number. 

NOTE: The last 4-digits of your serial number will also be your unique Bluetooth PIN, which will be used in the next step.


4. Select "Enter the device’s pairing code", and put in the 4-digit code from the previous step. You will notice the code will show up again on this screen to the right, in this example, "3024".  Click Next.


5. Click Close.  You have now paired your printer to your computer by Bluetooth.  The next step is to create a print queue for you to be able to print to.


6. Go back to your Devices and Printers screen (refer to step 1). Right click on your printer in this list, and left click on "Properties".


7. Click on the "Hardware" tab at the top.  Make note of the "COM port" that has been assigned to your printer.  Click "Cancel".

NOTE: The assigned com port number will be required in the following Sections

8. Proceed to the next section.


CD Installation Instructions

1. Insert the installation disc that came with your printer.  (If you do not have a disc, you may download drivers at the Brother Solutions Center website.  Skip to Driver Download Instructions below)

2. Select a Language


3. Select Custom Installation


4. Select Printer Driver


5. Select Bluetooth communication.


6. Click OK on this screen.  We have already completed this step at the beginning of this tutorial.


7. Select Install, and click Next.


8. Select the COM port that you made note of from step 7 of the COM Port Setup section.  Click Next, and then Next again. The printer will now be installed.


9. Select Yes to reboot your computer, then click the Finish button.


10. Your printer is now installed.  In your Devices and Printers window, you will see both a printer queue of "Brother RJ-4030", and "RJ-4030xxxx" (where 'xxxx' is specific to your serial number).  You must leave both of these on your printer, as one is your printer, and one is your Bluetooth connection.  You may see messages such as "Driver Unavailable" or "Needs troubleshooting" on your Bluetooth connection; this is normal.


Warning: It is important that you do not delete either "Brother RJ-4030" or "RJ-4030xxxx"



11. Adjust your paper settings.  Right click on the "Brother RJ-4030" printer, and select Printing Preferences.


12. Select your paper or label size accordingly, and click OK. (Your settings may vary)


NOTE: If you have installed the driver using the CD and the steps above you are not required to complete the Driver Download Instructions


Driver Download Instructions

1.    You first need to know what version of Windows 7 you have, 32-bit or 64-bit.  If you are unsure, click the Start button, then right click on Computer, and click Properties.

2. Proceed to the Brother Solutions Center, and select "RJ-4 Series".

3. Select the RJ-4030.

4. Select Windows, then select specifically which version of operating system you have (refer to step 1).  Click Search.

5. Download the driver to your desktop or somewhere you can easily find the file.  The download may start automatically.  Open the file after it is completed.


6. Click the Browse button, and select your Desktop.  Click OK, then click Unzip, then OK again.


7. Go to your Desktop, and open the folder you just created.  This folder name may vary slightly:


8. Double-click on the "D_SETUP" file.


9. Refer to Step 5 from the CD Installation section for remaining steps.

If issues persist or you have trouble installing, call Brother Mobile Solutions Technical Support at 1-800-543-6144 Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm MST, excluding holidays.

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