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"Simply stated, P-touch labeling systems took our business to another professional level."
Partner of ShipShape and professional organizer
for over 18 years

Fast Facts
Client: ShipShape
Industry:   Professional Organizers
Situation:   Organizational Challenges for a Wide Range of Clients
Solution:   P-touch® electronic labeling systems

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The Company

ShipShape is an organizing consulting business based in Oakland, California with branches in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. They specialize in home, office and relocation organizing as well as project management.
The Story

While many of us struggle to live in a world ruled by clutter, Deborah Silberberg and Sylvia Borchert have made it their business to create order out of chaos. As the owners of ShipShape, a twelve-year old company based out of Oakland, CA, these women serve a diverse clientele and tackle a wide range of organizational challenges - from restoring harmony to a single closet to cataloging the contents of an entire estate. Finding a tool that was flexible enough to use on every job and handle the myriad tasks they faced was a big challenge.
According to Borchert, labels are an essential part of the reorganizing process. "Effective labeling creates and defines a space, whether it's a file, a closet or a cabinet. It creates tangible results, and people love that." When ShipShape first started out, Silberberg and Borchert relied on markers and paper labels. But writing the labels by hand was time-consuming and the results too difficult to read. "My handwriting is atrocious," confides Silberberg. "On more than one occasion, our handwriting looked worse than the original mess. And then the labels would often peel up, and we'd have to start all over. Being able to work quickly and create a professional look is essential to our business."
P-touch Solution
They kept trying different options. Typewriters: too slow and clunky. Computers: some clients owned one, others didn't - and it was impossible to prepare the labels they'd need for a job ahead of time. Then one day they encountered the perfect solution at their local office supply store, the Brother P-touch labeler. ShipShape uses the P-touch labeler for a wide variety of needs ranging from: the relocation packing, un-packing, and set-up end of the business, which can really help to "de-frazzle" the moving process; reorganizing spice racks; to labeling silverware collection pouches, shelves, and magazine holders; as well as using clear laminated tape on furniture to give it that professionally engraved look.
As business purchases go, the two entrepreneurs consider P-touch labelers to be one of their better decisions. "It's the least expensive, biggest bang for our buck," says Silberberg. Over the eight years that they've been using the line of P-touch labelers, Borchert roughly estimates they've used somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 tape cassettes. Since their work looks better, they've been able to attract a more affluent customer base. They've also had great success using the P-touch labeler to pitch potential clients - time and again the results win them over.