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ImageCenter™ ADS-1500W

Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Web Connectivity

Estimated Street Price: $299.99*

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Product Reviews

47 of 62 people would recommend this product.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
Most complicated scanner
April 4, 2015
By MrBizCard
I purchased this for scanning business cards, but have been unable to get any worthwhile assistance from Brother Direct, nor BestBuy where I purchased it from. Even the Geek Squad could not assist. I did much research, even after downloading additional drivers that Brother directed me, still not resolution. I have a LenovoYoga2 on Windows 8.1, and I am tech somewhat savvy. I hope this triggers Brother to finally make the set up of this equipment easier. I almost gave this an additional star because of the size and durability it seems to have.
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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
April 2, 2015
By Ricker from Rexburg, Idago
Works OK, but refuses to recognize wireless network. I have to physically attach it to whatever computer I am using. Every other peripheral connects fine. Also, it didn't have current driver for latest release of Yosemite, so many of the features don't work. The web site was of no help. I feel a little cheated that I can't use all the features I paid for. If the software would work, I'd rate it much higher.
Expertise Advanced Amateur
Use Home (Personal Use)
Brother products owned 1
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Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Good Performance, Poor Documentation
March 26, 2015
By tjs114 from California
We purchased this unit primarily because it was one of the lower priced units that worked wirelessly. The ability to connect a usb flash drive was also a prime motivator. We have this unit sitting near our paper shredder which is nowhere near a computer. The ability to store a mail account locally is a perk we didn't expect, and we've taken advantage of it by setting up a dedicated email account for the unit.

The unit produces good archival scans at 300dpi in color directly to PDF which we use to meet Federal document archiving purposes. Speed is adequate if you turn of de-skew and blank page skip, but becomes positively glacial with those two necessary settings active. This makes me think the unit is lacking internal RAM to perform these manipulations adequately.

The document feeder is also poor in that it consistently grabs multiple pages unless you spend a lot of time prepping the documents for scanning- a problem found even in Brother's printers as my 5250-dn laser printer has a near useless manual feed tray as well. The lack of a document catch tray is also irritating.

Brother documentation is always poor. There are no clear instructions on how to use the card scanning tools on this device and I spent several hours fiddling to get the unit to scan to an ftp account. Scanning each card from the desktop software was okay, but the scanner is on the other end of the house from the computer. Brother needs to define "NETWORK" on this device in english. Is it Windows Share, Samba, NT, what? It most assuredly does not work with a Macintosh as a "NETWORK" device. Again, Brother's written documentation is poor, so expect to do a lot of tinkering if you want to take advantage of this devices complete abilities.

The onboard screen is bright and will remain active if a usb flash drive is attached- the unit will NOT sleep if a flash drive is attached. That is annoying because I wanted to leave a 64gb flash drive plugged in for a 'use and forget' solution. But the unit draws an obscene amount of power when sitting idle with a flash drive connected versus taking the drive out and letting it sleep. That is a design flaw.

The shortcut system is nice, but we don't really need to confirm the setup of the shortcut each time we select it. Basically, It's 4 clicks to use some shortcuts- which is the same as just navigating the menus.

The most significant FLAW in this device is if you power it off, it forgets all network connectivity. Power it down and turn it back on? Be prepared to re-enter your wireless network information. Supposedly it takes 'time' to reconnect. Well, this unit can sit for 3 hours and never reconnect to my network. Every person I've spoken to that uses this unit has the same problem. That is a design flaw. Luckily, after taking out the flash drive, I can let it sleep, but I should be able to turn the unit off.

Overall, this unit is very much a Brother product. It has a lot of technical options that the end user has to figure out on their own as Brother documentation rarely describes how to use their tools well. It has software and hardware quirks that are frustrating, but don't interfere with performance too much. If you are an end user of consumer electronics, this probably isn't for you. If you've used Brother products in the past and are used to the quirks, it's a fine device.
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Use Home Office (Business Use)
Brother products owned More than 5
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Overall Rating: 1 out of 5
Bad design, skewing paper
March 24, 2015
By gargamel from Chicago IL
I would definitely not recommend this scanner. The right side is pulling the paper faster than left and causing scanned document to be skewed. The right and left limiters that should hold the paper to go straight to the feeder are to low and paper is going over them which cause the paper to be skewed again. Very bad product which will give you headaches. Do not buy
Expertise Professional or Expert
Use Home (Personal Use)
Brother products owned 4
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