Electrical Labels

Print Durable Electrical Labels with Affordable Labeling Solutions from Brother™

Brother™ offers long lasting, affordable solutions in electrical labels. Selected for their high quality and durability, P-touch® laminated tapes have been a standard for labeling electrical panels, wall plates, patch panels, cables, and more for over 10 years. Our laminated electrical labels are durable enough to withstand extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion.

P-touch tapes are available in three adhesive types to meet different labeling needs. Use standard adhesive for general applications. Use extra-strength adhesive electrical labels for slippery and textured surfaces. Use wire/cable tape for wrapping and marking telecom, data, and audio-visual cables.

Brother™ Solutions for Your Electrical Labeling Needs

PT - 7100

Industrial Labeling Tool



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The PT-7100 is rugged and compact to keep in your truck or carry to the job site. Prints laminated labels for panels, covers, cables, and more.*

Brother™ PT - 7600

Rechargeable, download-ready industrial labeling tool.


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Download your label database and print durable laminated electrical labels for electrical panels, wall plates, patch panels, cables, and more.

PT - 9700PC

Industrial Desktop

Labeling System


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Print on-demand laminated electrical labels for electrical panels, wall plates, patch panels, cables, and more from your PC.

The Benefits of Using Brother™ for Your Electrical Labels

Print high-quality, durable electrical labels using Brother's innovative P-touch labelers. Choose from desktop or handheld labeling systems for on-demand labels whenever you need them. Our electrical labels are printed on laminated tapes designed to withstand heat, moisture, chemicals, and even abrasion. Use electrical labels from Brother™ for labeling patch panels, wires, cables, and so much more. Whatever your electrical labeling need, Brother™ has the solution.

Learn More About Electrical Labels and Labeling Solutions with Brother™

To learn more about how Brother™ P-touch and Brother™ TD label printers can help you print electrical labels and more, please click through the categories above. If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular Brother™ labeling solution, feel free to contact us or call us at 1 (866) 455-7713.

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