Advanced Quilting

Discover how easy – and fun – it is to create a beautiful Laura Ashley-inspired quilt for your home. The Laura Ashley Limited Edition Innov-ís NX-800 Sewing Machine is perfect for the avid quilter, offering an assortment of unique features and accessories, including built-in quilting stitches, free-motion stitching, a wide quilting extension table, and a variety of quilting feet.

Laura Ashley Limited Edition Features

Adjustable Presser Foot Height and Pressure

Must-have features for quilting! Adjust the presser foot height to allow thicker sections to pass under the foot, and change the presser foot pressure to align with the feed dog motion for improved delivery of fabric height variations.

Wide Quilting Extension Table

Take advantage of the included wide quilting extension table to expand your work area and easily maneuver large projects like quilts, linens, curtains and wall hangings.

Knee Lifter

Raise the presser foot with the knee lifter to easily reposition or remove your fabric.

Quilting Accessories

• Wide Table to easily maneuver large projects like quilts and linens
• Quilting Foot allows for more accurate placement of your quilting stitches
• ¼" Quilting Foot with guide for evenly spaced rows of stitches
• Open Toe Foot for greater visibility
• Quilting Guide helps you sew evenly spaced rows of quilting stitches

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