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RuggedJet™ for fast printing of receipts and labels up to 4" wide ...

The mobile receipt printer and e-citation printing solution that’s fast, tough and more versatile.

RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 the mobile receipt printer and e-citation printing solution that’s fast, tough and more versatile for Public Safety
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RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 & RJ-4040 mobile receipt and label printers
RuggedJet™ 3 Series
RuggedJet™ RJ-3050
  • Up to 5 ips, at industry-standard up to 203dpi resolution
  • ZPL II® and CPCL emulations
  • IP54 certification for dust and moisture
  • 4 ft. drop protection
  • Prints receipts and labels from 1" to 3" wide from convenient drop-in rolls
  • Resident fonts
  • Apple AirPrint™ compatibility
  • USB 2.0, Wi-Fi® (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth® technology interfaces
RuggedJet™ RJ-3150
All the features of the RJ-3050, plus:
  • Large color LCD screen with intuitive, interactive menus and graphics
  • 6 ft. drop protection
RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 & RJ-4040 mobile receipt and label printers
RuggedJet™ 4 Series
  • Prints at up to 5 ips
  • IP54 certified to withstand dust and moisture
  • Prints receipts and labels up to 4" wide
  • Apple Mfi™certification
The features of the RJ-4030, plus:
  • Built-in Wi-Fi® (802.11b/g) interface
  • Apple AirPrint™ compatibility
  • Apple Mfi™certification
RuggedJet™ product tour

RuggedJet™ drop protection movie
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Print 4" e-citations, warnings, evidence labels and other documents from the same device

E-citation printing is made easy with the Brother™ RuggedJet™ line of mobile thermal printers. These mobile e-citation printer solutions are designed to deliver better performance, better durability and greater versatility for your officers. They print up to 5 ips so your officers can print e-citations, warning labels and violations from their handhelds quicker, helping to get them safely back on the job more efficiently.

These durable mobile printers have also been engineered to withstand the bumps, drops, and rough handling and weather that happens out there. With up to 6 ft. drop protection, IP certification to withstand dust and moisture, and a 2-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty** against defects and damage, you can count on these printers to perform day after day, shift after shift, in virtually all kinds of conditions.

The same RuggedJet™ models that provide reliable e-violation, receipt and e-citation printing, can also print labels up to 4" wide, ideal for printing evidence, warning and other labels onsite. The devices’ compact size means they can easily be vehicle mounted, carried on shoulder straps, or hooked to belts and worn comfortably for extended periods. Their wireless connectivity makes it fast and easy for your officers to print practically anywhere. And with the optional magnetic card reader* on select models, they can also be used to verify licenses as well as process credit card transactions.

Brother™ RuggedJet™ mobile thermal printers are the fast, tough, versatile printing solutions for e-citations, warnings, receipts and labels.

Print e-citations, warnings and other documents faster

With print speeds up to 5 ips, your officers can spend less time issuing on each transaction, and use time better spent on additional enforcement tasks. Plus, for your officers on the road, the less time they have to spend outside their vehicle, the safer they are.

Evidence label and e-citation printing from the same device

Simply by changing supplies – which takes seconds – your officers can go from printing e-citations, warnings and violations, to printing easy-peel, adhesive-back paper die-cut labels up to 4" wide for marking evidence.

Easy to use and operate in the field

These compact thermal mobile receipt printers can wirelessly connect to and print from your handhelds, laptops and popular tablets and smartphones. Since they use reliable thermal printing technology, there are no inks or ribbons required – there’s only one consumable: premium Brother™ thermal media on convenient drop-in rolls to make changing or replacing supplies quick and easy.

Industry-leading two-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty**

RuggedJet™ models have drop protection and IP certification to handle the rigors of constant use in public safety, plus most are covered by a 2-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty** against defects and damage.

Learn more about how mobile receipt printer solutions from Brother™ can help public safety professionals with their printing demands:

* Requires additional purchase.

** See limited warranty for details. For warranty information, ask your Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc. sales representative or visit RJ-3050 has a one-year limited warranty.