DischargeRx by TroyRx

Align the Discharge Process to Provider and Patient Needs

Drive better clinical outcomes through adherence and compliance with DischargeRx by TroyRx. The comprehensive platform automatically adds adherence-supportive materials to each e-Prescribed and printed prescription. Plus, when scripts need to be printed, the solution offers an option to add CMS-compliant tamper resistant security to plain paper using Brother printers already in your network.

TroyRx Process

Improve the Patient Rx Experience at the Point-of-Care

Output personalized affordability options designed to help patients overcome prescription cost obstacles. Since cost is the top reason patients abandon medication at a pharmacy, this information is critical in helping patients obtain and remain on necessary medication. Activate patient engagement with printed and digital materials delivered directly into the hands of patients who are insured, uninsured, or underinsured.

Working with a provider’s current electronic health record (EHR) system and print environment, DischargeRx seamlessly integrates into the clinical workflows already in place.

TroyRx Process

CMS Compliant Printing

DischargeRx Offers CMS Compliant Printing:

The Compliance module simplifies paper prescriptions, allowing healthcare facilities to print CMS-compliant prescriptions directly on plain paper to select Brother printers without changing your workflow process. Meet compliance requirements securely and cost effectively with over a dozen CMS approved features.

  • Digital Authentication and Serialization allows for instant online authentication and tracking of prescriptions.
  • Print anywhere technology allows you to turn select Brother printers on your network into a compliant prescription output device.
  • Cloud-based management allows deployment to your entire environment.

Advance Organizational Success with DischargeRx

DischargeRx helps hospitals drive organizational initiatives in the following ways:

  • Eliminating the manual tasks, complexity, and risk that contribute to clinician burnout.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Improving adherence to yield better clinical outcomes and reimbursements.

TroyRx Quadruple Aim

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