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Description of Problem 100000034304

The orange and black rollers in the back of the machine are damage or The fuser rollers are damaged. What should I do?

Description of Solution 200000043966

1. Open the back cover.


NOTE: After you have just used the machine, some internal parts of the machine will be extremely hot. Wait for the machine to cool down before you touch the internal parts of the machine.



2. Pull the green tabs at the left and right sides toward you and fold down the fuser cover.



3. Check in between the two fuser rollers and see if you see any damage to the rollers or if there is any paper stuck. If you find a paper stuck, very carefully remove it.


NOTE: When removing stuck paper from in between fuser rollers be careful as the area or the rollers might be extremely hot if the machine has just been recently used.



4. Close the fuser cover.



5.  Verify that the gray levers on the back of the machine are in Position A.




NOTE: The gray levers should only be in Envelope position if you are printing envelopes.


6.  Print the document you were printing. If problem continues, continue to next step.


7. Make sure the paper or media type you are printing on is within specification. Below is the media type supported by the machine.


NOTE: When printing in duplex machine can only print paper that is between 20 - 28 lb. If the media being used is over 28lb it will cause paper jams.


Recommended Paper

Plain Paper: Xerox 4200 20lb or Hammer mill Laser Print 24 lb (90g/m2)


Recycled Paper: No specific brand recommended


Labels: Avery Laser Labels white #5160


Envelope: No specific brand recommended


Glossy Paper: NewPage Future Laser Gloss 80lb (118 g/m2) or Xerox Digital color Elite Gloss

*The machine supports paper up to 43 lb bond paper. Some glossy papers that are 80 lb may be "TAG" Transformation Paper Type which is equivalent to 38 lb bond paper.


Media Type and Capacity by Tray


Plain Paper (20 to 28 lb or 75g/m2 to 105g/m2): Can be printed from Tray 1, Manual Feed Slot or Duplex


Recycled Paper: Can be printed from Tray 1, Manual Feed Slot, or Duplex


Bond Paper (16 to 43 lb or 60g/m2 to 163g/m2): Manual Feed Slot


Thin Paper (16 to 20 lb or 60g/m2 to 75g/m2): Can be printed from Tray 1, Manual Feed Slot or Duplex


Thick Paper (28 to 43 lb or 105g/m2 to 163g/m2): Manual Feed Slot only


Labels: Manual Feed Slot Only


Envelopes: Manual Feed Slot Only


Glossy Paper (16 to 43 lb or 60g/m2 to 163g/m2): Manual Feed Slot Only, Duplex*

* Only print in Duplex if Glossy paper is between 16lb to 28lb.


The paper cannot be damaged. Damage includes, but is not limited to tears, creases and holes. This includes paper with pre-punched holes for binding.


-  If the media does not meet one or more of the requirements, then the media is not supported for printing on this machine and will need to be replaced by media that is supported before the automatic duplex feature can be used.


-  If the media meets all the requirements, continue to next step.


8. If the problem continues contact Brother Customer Service and we will try to help resolve the issue. If repair is needed Brother may extend the warranty.


Brother Customer Service can be reached by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

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