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Download individual embroidery designs from Disney®, Nickelodeon and more.
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Individual embroidery designs including designs from Disney, Warner Brothers and more

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Our complete line of supplies and accessories can enhance the ability of your Brother machine and enrich your creative life. With several purchase options available for you, we are "at your side" no matter what method you choose.

Embroidery Design Cards

Brother Home Sewing & Sewing Supplies & Accessories - Design Cards

At Brother, the possibilities are limitless! This exclusive collection of designs, appliques and memory cards feature something for everyone, no matter what your fascination.

© Disney. All rights reserved.
© 2009 Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.
© DISNEY Based on the "Winnie the Pooh" works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

General Accessories

Brother Home Sewing & Sewing Supplies & Accessories - General Accessories

Every job needs the proper tool. From the simplest embroidery tricks to the most technical software additions, we offer the necessary tools to get the job done simply, safely, and efficiently. We guarantee there's something to help you in your quest for the perfect solution. Remember, every job is different, but at Brother, we've got you covered.

THE Dream Faric Frame

The Ultimate Accessory for Ultimate Creativity. The first of its kind, THE Dream Fabric Frame opens up an exciting new world of embellishment when used with Brother machines and accessories. Enjoy the freedom to create various techniques for endless creativity.

Hoops & Stabilizers

Brother Home Sewing & Sewing Supplies & Accessories - Hoops

We at Brother pride ourselves on offering you the proper tool for every need, and our extensive selection of embroidery hoops is no exception. No matter what make, model or size, we have what your job needs.

Accessories for Multi-Needle Machines

Multineedle Machine

Embroidery enthusiasts know that good accessories give good results and Brother multi-needle embroidery machines use many of today’s popular machine embroidery accessories. Our multi-needle embroidery machines have many great accessories that will let you enjoy using this machine to its fullest capability. In addition to the accessories that follow, don’t forget that this machine works with non-licensed Brother design cards, embroidery threads and stabilizers.

Accessory Feet

Brother Home Sewing & Sewing Supplies & Accessories - Presser Feet

Expand your Horizons! Come explore Brother's extensive line of Presser Feet, guaranteed to make your sewing and embroidery jobs easier. Whether your interest is gathering and pleating, cording, or fringe, we have the foot to fit your needs. Attach piping, sequins, and appliques effortlessly and accurately with the use of these handy accessories.

Bobbin, Sewing, & Embroidery Threads

Brother Home Sewing & Sewing Supplies & Accessories - Threads

Brother embroidery threads have been designed specifically for your machine. Use of the proper Brother embroidery thread will ensure the best possible results for your machine embroidery.



Are you ready to expand your creativity? Brother offers the latest in machine embroidery software – PE Design, My Custom Design and regular updates for specific machine models and creative software.

Bobbins & Cassettes


Remember to check the instruction manual furnished with your machine for the correct bobbin information. Several models also require a cassette for upper threading – many customers enjoy the convenience of having several ready when creating machine embroidery.

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