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Description of Problem 100000018275

Why is my P-touch/Label machine printing out blank label in Windows OS environment?

Description of Solution 200000023286

This issue may relate to the tape cassette, the label machine, or software. Please perform the following steps to isolate the problem.

1. Replace the tape cassette.

2. Print out the build-in Demo label. If the print out is blank, ensurean AD24 or AD24ES power adapter is used with the machine. If adapter not available, ensure all the batteries are new. If the problem persists, your machine may require service.

a. Power off the machine.

b. Hold down the Cut button and then the On/Off button, hold them down together.

c. When the power LED starts to blink, release the Cut button (DO NOT release the On/Off button).

d. While holding down the On/Off button, press the Cut button 1 time.

e. Release the On/Off button.

3. If the USB cable is connected to a USB hub or a shared network PC, try connecting it directly to the PC.

4. Please download the clean up utility to remove existing driver and then re-install the latest driver.

5. Click on a link below to find the utility for your machine, download it to your PC and then install this utility to remove the existing driver:

Note: There are two downloads, one for 32 bit Windows operating system and one for 64 bit Windows operating system. To check which system you have, click on Start, right click on Computer (My Computer for XP) and select Properties; look under System to see if you have a 32 bit system or a 64 bit system (for XP go to the General tab and look under System, if it does not list 64 bit, download the file for 32 bit).

6. Click on a link below and then follow the default steps to download and install the latest driver for your P-touch/Label machine.

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