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Description of Problem 100000027356

Why does the machine display "TEXT TOO HIGH! 1 BLOCK"?

Description of Solution 200000035126

This message appears because the selected character font size cannot fit onto the cassette tape in the machine.


Press the "BS" key to clear the message and install a wider cassette tape or change to a smaller size font by pressing the "Format" key.


The maximum font size that can be used with each tape width contains one line of text are: 12mm on a 1 inch tape, 9mm on a � inch tape, 6mm on a � inch tape, 4mm on a 3/8 inch tape, and 3mm on a � inch tape.  If you select AUTO size the machine will automatically select the maximum font size that will fit the cassette tape inside the machine.


If you have the correct size tape cassette installed and still getting the message, remove the tape cassette from the machine and reinstall it.  Make sure the tape cassette is seated firmly in the compartment.


Next try clearing the �Text and Format� of the label and try creating the label again.


1. Press the Code key, and then press the BS (Clear) key.

2. Press the UP ARROW or the DOWN ARROW key until �TEXT&FORMAT� are on the display.

3. Press the RETURN (New Block) key. This is the key with the broken arrow pointing left.


If the problem persists, your machine may require service.             


If your machine is within Warranty, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-877-478-6824 so that we may make arrangement to swap your product according the product warranty.                               


If your machine is out of warranty, you may take your machine to a local Brother Authorized Service Center.  To locate a local Brother Authorized Service Center visit our website (  You can also locate a local Brother Authorized Service Center by calling our automated phone system at 1-800-284-4357.  This system can provide you with either a verbal listing or a printed listing via facsimile.

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