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How do I setup my ADS scanner to Scan to Network, without getting Sending Error or Submit Error message?

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1.       Press the TOOL   icon (top right corner) on the ADS2500W touch screen, select Network, select WLAN, if connected wirelessly, select TCP/IP, open the web browser and type in the IP address lists from the ADS machine http://###.###.###.### into your web browser and then press Enter


2.       Click Scan tab, Scan to FTP/Network, select Network under Profile 1, and then click Submit button

3.       Click Scan to FTP/Network Profile and then click Network link

4.       Fill in the Profile Name, Host Address, Store Directory, Username, Password, and then click Submit.  A message will display on screen  click Submit.


Note: If you are getting an error message Submit Error after clicking a Submit button, some of the information that you entered in the required fields, Except for Profile Name and Store Directory, are not correct.


Note:  Profile Name, Host Address, Username, Password are required fields.  

The Host Address is the domain name of your Network server, Store Directory is the folder where you want to store your scan documents, Username is a logon name that you have access to your network folder, if you are on a domain network then you need enter the domain name first, and then your user name.

Scan to Network:

5.    Go to the ADS scanner and insert your document into the feeder tray

6.    Swipe left or right, or press  or  to display Scan 1

7.    Press to Network

8.    Select the Network name, MyNetworkScan, that you have just setup, you can swipe up or down, or press  or to choose one of the Network names listed IF you have more than six names.


9.    Press Start button to scan to Network.  The LCD will show Connecting.  If you receive an error Server Time Out.  Turn power off on the ADS machine by unplug the power cord from the wall and then reconnect it and repeat Step 2 above.


Note: Press Options button only if you want to make any changes to the current settings 2-sided Scan, Scan Type, Resolution, File Type, Document Size, File Size, Auto Deskew, Skip Blank Page and User Name.


Note: If you are receiving this error message, Sending Error, after pressing Start button, go back to Step 3 above to check the Store Directory folder to make sure that you entered it correctly with no spelling errors.


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