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Description of Problem 100000033305

I'm using a USB connection with Windows 8 or 8.1 and receive the message: Check Cable or Check Connection on the LCD when I press the Scan button on the Brother machine. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000042674


The Check Cable message generally indicates that there is a communication or connection loss between the computer and the Brother Machine.  There are several steps that you can take to troubleshoot this issue:


These steps assume that you have already installed the MFL-Pro suite software.  If this software is not installed, you will receive this error message.




1.  Make sure that you are using a type A/B 1.1 or 2.0 USB Cable that is no longer than 6 feet. 


2. Make sure that the USB cable is directly connected from the Brother machine to an available port on the computer.


NOTE: Other cable configurations may work, however connection loss is common.  For a stable connection, do not connect the interface cable through any hubs, splitters, docking stations, or other pass-through devices.


3.  Remove the cable from both the computer and the Brother machine.  Leave them unplugged for a few seconds, and then reconnect the cable on both ends to ensure a secure connection. 


NOTE: Your machine may have multiple ports for various interface connections.  Make sure the USB cable is not connected to the wrong port (Ex:  LAN port (if available); PictBridge Port, Line or Ext jack or any port other than the USB port.  The type of ports available on your machine will vary based on the machine's specifications.) 


3.  Restart the Brother machine.  Turn the power off for 15 seconds, and then back on.




1. On the computer, move your mouse to the upper or lower right corner of the Desktop or Start screen to view the Charms bar.


2. Click on Search.


3. In the search line type: Scanners.  The screen will vary depending on your operating system's version.




4. If you do not already see the search results, then click on Settings.  This option may not be available based on your operating system.


5. From the list of search results, click View Scanners and Cameras.



6. Verify that the Brother scanner is listed.


-       If the Brother scanner is listed, continue to PART 3.


-       If the Brother scanner is not listed, continue to PART 4.




1. On the computer, move your mouse to the lower left corner of the Desktop or Start screen.


2. Right-click the screen and then left-click Control Panel.



3. Click System And Security => Administrative Tools.


4. Double-click on Services.


5.  Locate and double-click on the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Service.


NOTE:  If you are not able to locate the service, then there is a problem with your computer's Operating System that will prevent you from scanning.  Contact your computer manufacturer for further support.



6.  Check the Startup Type, and make sure it is set to Automatic.  If it is set to anything else change it to Automatic.



7. Verify the Service Status:


-       If the Service is Running, press STOP, and then press START to restart the service.


-       If the Service is Stopped press START to restart the service.


NOTE: If you receive any error messages while configuring or restarting the service, or you are not able to start the service, there is a problem with the computer's Operating System that will prevent you from scanning.  Contact your computer manufacturer for further support.


8.  Click OK to close the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Service, and close the Services window.


9. Attempt to scan again using the button.


-       If you are able to scan, then the issue is resolved.


-       If you are still unable to scan, continue to PART 4.




1. Start the Uninstall:


  1. Click  Brother Utilities.  


NOTE:  If the software is not installed, continue to PART 4 STEP 6.


  1. Click the dropdown list to select your model if it is not already selected.


  1. Click Tools.


  1. Click Uninstall.



2. The Brother MFL-Pro Uninstaller window will appear.  Click OK.


3. The uninstall will now continue.  You may be prompted to confirm the uninstall procedure. If so, click OK


4.  Once this is complete you will see a window stating: For successful uninstallation, you must restart Windows.  For USB cable users, disconnect the cable from the Brother machine.


5. Select YES, I WANT TO RESTART MY COMPUTER NOW. And click FINISH.  Your computer will now restart and the MFL-Pro Suite has now been removed from your PC.


6. Install the MFL-Pro suite using either the Full Driver and Software package, which can be downloaded from  Refer to a solution for your model on "How do I download and install the full driver and software package for Windows?"


NOTE: If a compatible CD is available for your operating system, you may reinstall the MFL-Pro suite software using it instead of the download.


7.  Attempt to scan again using the button to determine if the issue has been resolved.  If you are still unable to scan:


-       Try another USB cable and another port on the computer.


-       Install the machine and attempt to scan from a different computer.


This will help determine if the issue is specific to this computer.  If you can scan from other computers, then contact your computer manufacturer for assistance troubleshooting this specific computer.




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