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How do I setup my scanner wirelessly using the DVD-ROM and a USB cable in a Windows environment?

Description of Solution 200000044577

Brother has released a video of this solution. 

To view the video version please click here:



Setup using the DVD-ROM and a USB cable in a Windows environment.




We recommend using a computer wirelessly connected to your network for this method.

You will need to use a USB cable temporarily during configuration.


Step 1:

a)    Put the DVD-ROM into your DVD-ROM drive.  The program will launch.

b)    Choose the model of the machine you are installing.

c)    Choose the language you wish to install.

Note:  If the brother screen does not appear automatically, click on the Computer icon (My Computer) on the desktop or in the Start Menu.  For Windows 8 users, click the file explorer icon on the taskbar and go to Computer.

d)    Double click the DVD-ROM icon

e)    Double click on Start.exe to manually launch the installation.


Step 2

a)    The main DVD-ROM menu will appear.


Note:  for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, when the user account control screen appears, click Allow or Yes.  Click Yes, if you accept the license agreements.


b)    Choose Wireless Network Connection and then click NEXT.


c)    When the Firewall / Anti-Virus detected screen appears, choose Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation.




d)    Follow the onscreen instructions to set up the Brother machine.


e)    The Brother machine will now try to connect to your wireless network.  It may take a few minutes for this to complete.



f)    Once connected the Wi-Fi light on the control panel will light.


g)    This light indicates that the machine network interface is set to WLAN.



h)    Setup is complete.

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