Visitor Badges

Brother® Labeling Systems for Easy Visitor Passes

Visitor badges are key to a school's security. Brother's advanced labeling systems allow educators and administrators to print on-demand visitor passes that enable them to keep track of who is in the school.

Visitor badges are fast and easy to print with Brother's innovative labeling solutions. Handwritten sign-in books are a thing of the past. Now you can have visitors sign into a computerized system in the main office and keep a reliable record of who is in the building.* Streamline the check in and out of visitors, generate real-time reports of who is in the building, and protect your school from unsolicited visitors with visitor badges for a more effective overall visitor management.

Brother Solutions for Your Visitor Badges:

Brother QL Label Printers

Brother QL label printers allow you to print professional, easy-to-read labels with no wasted sheets. Create on-demand visitor badges with time/date stamps and more.

The Benefits of Using Brother Labeling Systems for Your Visitor Badges

We are value-driven, and our commitment is to provide educators with high-quality, reliable solutions that fit your budget and your functional requirements. Brother QL label printers offer a lower total cost of ownership and produce durable visitor passes on demand. In addition, we offer nationwide support and service. We stand behind our products, and you can count on us to deliver what we promise.

Learn More About Visitor Badges from Brother

Learn more about how visitor badges from Brother can help improve the efficiency of your school's security. We're ready to help! Click here to email-us or call us at 1 (866) 455-7713 today.

*product features and compatibility vary by model and application

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