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Translation Services Powered by thebigword

Accurately and securely translate your documents
Brother offers translation services powered by thebigword to meet the needs of the globally connected business world. Your business can now get fast and accurate translations by one of the top language companies in the world – right from your Brother device.

Machine Translation

Secure and smart automated technology that can translate any document

• Useful for a quick understanding of what the text is about
• 30 mins approx. turnaround time (per 2,000 words)
INCLUDED - No charge for Brother customers

Crowd Sourced Translation

Human translation for more personal audience with a casual voice

• Useful for internal communications, product descriptions, or social media posts
• 24 hours approx. turnaround time (per 2,000 words)
$0.14 per word - (minimum charge $5.00)

Enterprise Translation

Dedicated, expertly-trained translators provide the highest level of accuracy

• Useful for presentations, reports, website localization, or sensitive documentation
• 48 hours approx. turnaround time (per 3,000 words)
$0.19 per word - (minimum charge $10.00)

Why Use Translation Services Powered by thebigword?

Secure Document Translations and Transmission

ISO 27001 compliant for any information security management system.

When using the Enterprise translation services, the highly secure translation editor uses unique and advanced file encryption to protect your sensitive content throughout every stage of the translation process.

High-Quality Translations Backed by a Top Language Company

Dedicated, expertly-trained translators provide the highest level of terminological and stylistic accuracy.

thebigword is a top 15 rated, global language company with 12 offices worldwide and over 600 staff. The company handles up to 50,000 worldwide assignments every day.

Convenient Translations Right From Your Brother Device

The unique scan to translate functionality allows you to translate documents into over 90 languages directly from many Brother all-in-one printers and select standalone scanners.

There is a user-friendly sign-up process and translations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Business Applications

Translation Services Powered by thebigword can be leveraged for a wide range of applications across any verticals, including:

big word retail

• POP signage / display
• Labeling hangtags
• Catalogs
• Recruitment material
• Customer communications


• School report cards
• Parents / teacher communications
• Training programs
• Documentation


• Reports
• Customer correspondence
• Presentations
• Social media
• Contracts
• Agreements
• Press releases


• Patient / doctor communications
• Medical records
• Consent / registration forms
• Lab results / pathology reports
• Prescriptions

It's as Easy as...

Scan and Email a Document

Sign-up today! Scan to via a Brother laser all-in-one printer or standalone scanner using the scan-to-email functionality.

You will then receive a confirmation email with the next steps. You must enter the email address you want the translated document to be sent to in the subject line at the Brother device, as this will be used to confirm translation jobs.

Select Translation Level

Request a quote for a machine, crowd sourced, or enterprise translation in the target language. An email confirmation will then be sent including turnaround time.

Project Delivered

Finally, you will receive an email with a link to your translated documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Machine Translations are included as an added value for Brother customers. Your total cost for Crowd Source and Enterprise Translations are based on word count and translation type.  Each level of translation is priced differently and has a minimum total charge.

  • Machine Translation – Included for Brother customers
  • Crowd Sourced Translation – $0.14 per word, Minimum Charge = $5.00
  • Enterprise Translation – $0.19 per word, Minimum Charge = $10.00

It depends on your needs – you should consider the purpose and the tone of your document:

  • Machine Translation is the fastest service and is useful for a basic understanding of text.
  • Crowd sourced Translation offers a personal touch, but a casual tone. It’s suitable for product descriptions, social media posts, and internal communications.
  • Enterprise Translation is recommended for specialized content, such as technical specs, scientific articles, website localization, presentations, mobile apps, or sensitive documentation.

Based on the option you choose, we offer three different resources:

Machine Translation is a high-quality electronic localization, Crowd Sourced Translation is done by native speakers and expert translators, and Enterprise Translation is completed by highly specialized experts.

We have a network of over 68,000 linguists to rely on when it comes to your Crowd Sourced and Enterprise requests.

thebigword offers secure document translation and transmission. We are ISO 27001 compliant for any information security management system.  Further, when using the Enterprise translation services, the highly secure translation editor uses unique and advanced file encryption to protect your sensitive content throughout every stage of the translation process.

Scanned files must be uploaded as Microsoft Word (.docx) files in Easy Scan to Email.  Scan pages printed from any file type you want, but be sure to tap the Word (.docx) option on your Brother LCD when you email the scan. Translated files will return to you in the same format, .docx.

When using a Human translation (Crowd Sourced or Enterprise), choose from almost 40 languages from English. Our Machine translation offers over 90 language choices. We can cover you regardless of what language your intended audience reads.

Set up payment in your thebigword account using

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

It depends on the number of words and the translation type you choose, but to give you an idea:

  • Machine Translation = about 30 minutes per 2,000 words
  • Crowd sourced Translation = about 24 hours per 2,000 words
  • Enterprise Translation = about 48 hours per 3,000 words

Please remember that this is just an estimate – we’ll send you more details when you order your translation.  You can request a deadline when ordering your translation.

If you have a hot rush or special situation, please contact for personalized help.

Yes, we’ll send you an email to let you know that it’s finished, with a link so you can view the final result.

Log into your thebigword translation account for more information and helpful hints.

Please contact thebigword directly to ask about your translation job:

A few things could be happening – please check the following:

• Is your Brother device connected to your network?
• Does your Brother device have an internet connection?
• Have you set up your translation account for thebigword correctly? Login and double-check your account settings.

If you’ve already submitted your translation order, please email us at We can refund your order if work hasn’t yet started, and you can submit an updated request.

The Easy Scan to E-mail icon’s location varies based on your model. Start at your LCD home screen, press the left or right arrow to find Apps, then press the left or right arrow to find Easy Scan to E-mail.