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Find your passion for sewing with the newest addition to the Q-Series line-up, the Innov-ís NQ550PRW. This is the perfect classroom machine as it offers flexibility and convenience at the most affordable price. Its professional-grade quality allows you to expand your sewing capabilities to new levels. Feel the difference in sewing with longer feed dogs for better stability and enhanced fabric control.
  • 2.4-inch easy view touch screen LCD display
  • Reinforcement stitch button to automatically sew a tie-off stitch and to easily sew a row of decorative stitches
  • Improved sewing with longer feed dogs and enhancedfabric control
  • Personalize your stitches with the stitchcombination feature
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment to easily adjust thepressure to accommodate various types of fabrics
  • Easy access to select functions on the key pad
Basic Features back to top
LCD Size (Horizontal x Vertical) inches 2.4" x 1.3"
Adjustable Screen Brightness Settings No
Stitch Select 10 key touch sensor and direct selection
Screensaver No
On-Screen Help No
Built-in Languages No
Zoom Function No
On-Screen Editing No
Realistic Preview No
Lighting 2 LED's
Table No
Needle Threading System Advanced
Independent Bobbin Winding Motor No
Thread Sensor No
Thread Sensor On/Off No
Automated Upper and Lower Thread Cutting No
Quick-Set™ Bobbin Yes
Built-in Memory Yes
Computer Connectivity with Update Capability No
Memory Card No
Cable No

Sewing Features back to top
Work Space (Height & Width) inches 4.1" x 8.3"
Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 850 spm
Knee Lifter No
Feed Dog 7, longer ver
Back to Beginning Key Yes
Built-in Sewing Stitches (Includes Buttonhole Styles) 100
Buttonhole Styles 7 one-step
Built-in Sewing Lettering Fonts 4
Stitch Width (mm) 7mm
Stitch Length (mm) 5mm
My Custom Stitch™ Feature No
Sideways Sewing No
Start/Stop Button Yes
Speed Control Yes
Needle Position Key (Up/Down) Yes
Automatic Height Adjuster™ AHA® Feature No
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment Yes; manual
Presser Foot Leveling No
Pivot Function No
Drop Feed/Free Motion Yes; mechanical
Free Motion Quilting Foot No
Built-in Quilting Stitches Yes
Included Quilting Feet No
Specialty Feet Included Yes

Carton Contents back to top
Accessory Storage Yes
Included Accessory Feet Zigzag foot, Buttonhole foot, Zipper foot, Button fitting foot, Overcasting foot, Blind stitch foot, Monogramming foot
Other Included Accessories Bobbin (3 extra pcs) Needle set (6), Twin needle, Extra spool pin, Cleansing brush, Seam ripper, Eyelet punch, Foot controller, Screwdriver, Disk-shaped screwdriver, L driver, Spool cap (small, medium, large), Spool cap mini, Spool net
Included Embroidery Hoops No

Warranty 25YearPremium
Machine Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.9" x 9.8" x 11.8"
Machine Weight 19.9 lbs
UL/CSA Listed Yes
Quick Reference Stitch Guides Yes

Please click on the categories below to view the optional accessories for the Innov-ís NQ550PRW

ETP01266 Aqua Mint Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01272 Aquamarine Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01329 Baltic Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01052 Bambino Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01276 Bamboo Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01174 Bamboo Flesh Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1002 Bedtime Pink Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01193 Black Chrome Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP900 Black Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01153 Blue Grey Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01180 Blue Moss Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP4538 Blue Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01046 Blue Ribbon Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01308 Brick Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01319 Bright Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01187 Bronze Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1376 Brown Crystal Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01298 Brown Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01155 Carbon Grey Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01241 Casino Royale Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01251 Charcoal Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01352 Coffee Bean Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01296 Coffee Teak Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1090 Dark Pine Green Cotton Quilt Thread

QTC1331 Dark Rust Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01331 Dark Rust Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01216 Dark Teal Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01214 Eggshell Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01139 Exotic Gold Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01016 Flame Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1358 Flesh Pink Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01043 Gem Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01394 Golden Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01334 Golden Hair Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01110 Golden Nectar Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01324 Golden Silk Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01192 Granite Grey Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01253 Grey Horizon Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP4659 Grey Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01144 Hazelnut Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01309 Hazelnut Roast Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01368 Horizon Pink Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01042 Imperial Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01254 Intense Warm Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01239 Ivy Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01019 Jockey Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1292 Lemon Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01098 Lemon Crush Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01261 Lettuce Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01143 Light Beige Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP4526 Light Blue Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01303 LT Navy Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01338 LT Saltwater Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01007 Lt. Wicker Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01103 Machine Gold Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01094 Maize Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01247 Mauve Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01089 Meadow Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01270 Medium Turquoise Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01209 Mello Melon Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01202 Melon Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01278 Metropolitan Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1065 Mild Purple Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01293 Mint Julep Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01294 Minty Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1287 Misty Blue Cotton Quilt Thread

QTC1267 Natural/Ivory Cotton Quilt Thread

QTC1047 Navy Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01011 Neon Pink Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01122 Orangeade Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01050 Pacific Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1087 Palmetto Green Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01087 Palmetto Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1028 Paris Blue Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01082 Peppermint Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01350 Pink Magic Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01203 Pink Marble Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP4502 Pink Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP010124 Plum Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01068 Purple Accent Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01070 Purple Maze Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01102 Real Yellow Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1190 Red Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01041 Rock Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01242 Rose Pink Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01117 Rust Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC1040 Sapphire Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01212 Sebring Silver Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01141 Shreaded Wheat Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01260 Soft Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01005 Soft Tan Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01027 Special Blue Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01128 Sugar Cane Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01106 Sun Flower Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01382 Sunset Grey Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01171 Tan Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP4672 Taupe Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01227 Teal Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01236 Turkish Green Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01346 Turnip Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

QTC909 Variegated Jewel Cotton Quilt Thread

QTC901 Variegated Pastels Cotton Quilt Thread

QTC908 Variegated Primaries Cotton Quilt Thread

ETP01190 Very Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01118 Warm Red Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01248 Wheatina Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

STP0001 White Polyester Sewing Thread

ETP01173 Wicker Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01362 Wild Cherry Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

ETP01224 Willow Embroidery Thread Polyester (3PK)

SADFFC Dual-Function Foot Controller

Use this single-pedal, dual-function foot controller to control up to 2 different sewing functions, all with the press of your foot. Allows you to operate your machine while still holding on to your project with two hands. Simply replace the single-function foot controller included with your machine with this dual-function controller, and program the foot controller functions through the LCD display on your machine. This foot pedal controller can be set to control single stitch sewing, reverse stitch sewing, and moving the needle up and down.

SAWTNQ1 Wide Extension Table

This 21" wide x 13" deep extension table is perfect for your largest projects. Expand the work area of your machine with this easy to attach, extra wide extension table. The snap-on table extends to the left and rear of your existing work area, for easier handling of larger projects and heavier weight fabrics. A ruler is printed at the front of the table for last-minute measurements and the four table legs are easily adjustable for varying heights. Perfect for embroidery projects, large quilts, and home décor projects.

SA540 Stabilizer Roll, lightweight, water soluble, 25yds

This is a firm, fibrous type of water-soluble stabilizer, with many uses as embroidery backing or topping. Excellent for embroidery applications such as towels, jersey knit shirts, pique and Lycra. Unlike the clear film type product, this fibrous water-soluble is designed not to perforate from the needle penetration. This type of stabilizer is a must have for creating freestanding lace. Excellent for embroidering high stitch counts, it does not readily tear or separate. It is also soft and pliable, making it easy to hoop. Feel free to use more than one layer as needed. Ideal for many creative sewing and embroidery projects, including invisible needle turn appliqué and artistic scarves made out of thread and yarns. You can safely write on this stabilizer with a water-soluble pen. Useful as an added stabilizer for buttonhole-making too. This water soluble stabilizer requires thorough rinsing in warm water for complete removal.

SALSRULKIT1 Low Shank Ruler Foot Starter Kit

Quilt like a pro with our 9-piece ruler foot kit for free motion quilting and INCLUDED exclusive Brother "in-box" education. Includes a variety of seven templates, 1 ruler Foot, 1 Cross Hair Square, 4+ hours of training with download key and 2 DVD set of educational videos.

Affordable Professional Line - Overview Video
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Update After using the machine for about 3 months, I can still say this is a fabulous machine. I have had students and instructors alike sit down and wiz through projects. I've successfully completed 3 quilts at various sizes, multiple demos and it continues to perform wonderfully out of the box. One misshap happened on a recent projects which bears mention. The tension arm does not extend outside the top of the machine head which is the way most older models opperated. Due to this, threading may cause problems if not done accurately. Be absolutely sure the machine is properly threaded or, as I experienced, the thread will get caught in the gears inside the head of the machine. Lesson learned. Even with this, I still give it 5 stars and reccomendations it. It sews like a dream, consistantly even stitches on both sides of the project. It is easily maintained. I love the "cruise control" sewing speed regulator, perfect for demos and new students just learning, needle up/down function, easy programming module with foot reccomendations clearly defined and visible. I could keep going, but needless to say, this is a great machine.
Date published: 2017-02-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great machine for demo and teaching I am a quilting instructor at Joann's Etc and use my machine each weekend. In order to accomplish daily tasks, the machine has to be able to perform consistently every day. I've had this machine for about a week and all I can say is I LOVE IT!!!! I have been sewing on a small (14" base) Euro-pro Multi-Stitch mechanical machine for about 20 years. I have loved and used it well but was ready for an upgrade and boy does this machine fit the bill. The generous 7.5 inches of HARP that will allow ease of machine quilting, programing the versatile 100+ stitches, and included feet are a great start. I love the drop in bobbins! This is a wonderful machine and I hope to get as much use from it as I have my former machine. And, It got rave reviews at my last Demo weekend, drawing lots of attention from customers and employees alike. Way to Go Brother. This is a good entry level computerized machine.
Date published: 2016-12-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love my new machine I purchased this as a replacement for an older machine that I wore out. I was really interested that the throat hole was large, and that it has several alphabets for quick monogramming.
Date published: 2016-11-05
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