Business Solutions: Security for Devices, Documents, & Networks

Brother delivers triple-layer security: built-in security features for devices, documents, and networks. Help eliminate outside threats while supporting the latest protocols and enabling device sharing. Limit device access at the group, individual, and activity levels. Protect sensitive or confidential data sent over networks, and more.


Built with a number of security features typically found in higher-priced enterprise-level devices, Brother business printers, MFPs, and scanners offer companies valuable features – right out of the box. To help protect against print security threats and maintain compliance, Brother products offer three lines of defense – one at every critical level:

Custom UI Education

  • Device Security – Secure Function Lock, Setting Lock, Badge Authentication, Active Directory Authentication, Active Directory Email Lookup, LDAP Authentication, LDAP Email Lookup, BRAdmin Professional 3, Mass Deployment Tool, Custom UI, Clone Device Settings
  • Document Security – Secure Print, Secure Print +, Cloud Secure Print, Active Directory Print Release, Scan to Secure PDF, Scan to SSH Server (SFTP), Send to My Folder (Active Directory), Send to My Email (Active Directory and Secure Function Lock), Scan Job Email Report
  • Network Security – SMBv3 (Scanning), SNMPv3, IPPS, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, Syslog Report, IP Filtering, TLS Certificates, Secure Email Certificate, IPSec

Security Solutions Partners

Brother offers security features like protected monitoring, controlling of printing and copying, and more.

Value Services & Custom Solutions

From enhanced collaboration to increased document security, Brother Value Services and Custom Solutions feature an expanded portfolio of personalized service and solutions offerings designed to meet the needs of mid-to-large size customers. Inclusive of customization and integration capabilities, this suite of solutions helps to resolve unique document management challenges and meet critical business requirements.

Custom UI Legal

Custom User Interface

Modify the standard user interface on select Brother products.

Security Badge Authentication

Secure Print +

Ensures that confidential or sensitive documents do not print until the user authenticates by entering a PIN or via an NFC card on the machine's integrated NFC card reader.

Printer & Scanner Interface

Enables third-party developers to build custom solutions for and integrate with Brother machines.

Special Solutions Team

The Brother Special Solutions Team (SST) assesses a business' unique needs and develops customized solutions to meet those needs.

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