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Description of Problem 100000022359

The error / status light is alternatly flashing red and orange which indicates high head temperature,how do I correct this?

Description of Solution 200000028447

With the error / status light alternately flashing red and orange, the printer appears to be malfunctioning.  When in fact the machine has stopped printing because the print head has become too hot and the printer is trying to tell you that it is in a cool down mode.  This is not an indication that the machine is broken.  Once the print head has cooled down the printer will resume printing.


There are a few things that can be done to delay the onset of this condition.

1. If possible move the printer to a cooler environment.

2. If possible remove any background shading that is present in the document

3. If possible change the print density to a lighter setting.  The print density can be change by using the Brother Pocket Jet print utility


NOTE: This condition may be worse at high altitudes (>10,000 feet) because the head is cooled by air and the air is much less dense at these altitudes.


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