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How do I reset the machine?

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There is no keystroke pattern to reset the EM series typewriter.   There are two methods to reset this typewriter.

1.    You can reset the daisywheel and remain on the same line of type, simply lift the top cover and then close it back down.  The carrier will move to the left, reset the daisywheel and return to the last space typed. 

NOTE: This will not affect the format settings (bold, underline, etc)

2.    If you want to abandon the current typing position; turn off the typewriter, wait 10 seconds for the power supply to reset and then turn the typewriter back on.   The typewriter will reset and the carrier will return to the beginning of the current line. 

NOTE: Turning off the power will restore the format settings to standard default settings (bold, underline, etc).


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