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How do I create labels using the Editor 5.0 Sequential Numbering feature in Windows?

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1. Click on the “Text Input” icon; highlight the text you wish to increment by holding down the mouse's left button and drag it across the data.


Note: You can select any portion of the text to increment; it can be a number or letter value. 


2. Click on Format in the menu bar and select Numbering.



The letters “NUM” should appears on the lower left corner of the highlighted text, indicating that the text has been selected for “Sequential Numbering” (increment).




Note: In “Professional” mode, you can just click on the “Numbering” icon after the text is highlighted.




3. Click on File and select Print.


4. In the “Print” dialog box, click on the check box next to “Numbering”.  Next to “Count”, enter how many labels you wish to print and then click the Print button.




          Note: If you select “Reset to Original Values after Printing”, the text selected for

Sequential Numbering will return back to what was originally entered.

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