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Description of Problem 100000037664

I am unable to scan. What can I do?

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Please review the instructions below based upon your connection type for a resolution.

USB Instructions      Wireless Instructions



USB Connection

1.    Please remove the USB connection between the scanner and the PC. 

2.    Reseat both connections securely.


NOTE:  Make sure you do not break the USB jack when inserting the cable.  If inserted incorrectly or with too much force the internal connection may come loose from the internal circuitry.


3.    Try the scan process again to confirm communication has been restored.

4.    If this does not resolve the issue, please uninstall the scanner, disconnect the USB cable and reboot the computer.

5.    After reboot, download and install the latest driver from our website.  Please uninstall the original driver before installing the new version.


Note * If you need assistance on navigating the Brother website to download Manuals, Software, Drivers or Utilities, please CLICK HERE to view instructions.


6.    Follow the installation instructions to reinstall the scanner driver. 

7.    If you need assistance please follow the solution

- How do I download and install the ADS scanner (Full Driver & Software Package) on the Windows OS via USB connection





Wireless Connection ADS1500W

In some cases the wireless signal between the scanner and the wireless router may drop offline.

The simplest resolution may be to reset the router by cycling the power and allowing it to reboot.

If you are using a home based network please make sure no one is actively using the connection before cycling the power.

If you are in a business environment, please contact your IT staff for assistance. 

Note: Resetting the router in this environment may cause data loss or connection issues to other employees who are currently connected.


Once the router has been reset and you need to confirm the connection between the scanner and router, please do the following:

Note: see the following solution to set up the ADS1000W - How do I setup my scanner wirelessly using the DVD-ROM and a USB cable in a Windows enviroment?


ADS1500W only

1.    From the control panel on the ADS1500W, press the Tools icon. 

2.    Scroll down and select Network.

3.    Choose WLAN.

4.    Choose Setup Wizard.

5.    The unit will scan for all active SSID (wireless) signals.

6.    Choose the wireless network you wish to connect to.

7.    Press OK.


Note* If you see a message that states The selected access point router supports WPS.  Use WPS?  Choose No, to perform a manual connection, Choose Yes, to use WPS.  For this example we selected no. If you prefer to use WPS please see the solution


- How do I setup my scanner wirelessly using the one touch AOSS/WPS method in a Windows environment?


8.    Enter your password to connect to the router.

9.    Click Apply Settings.

10. A blue box will appear stating Connected

11. Press OK.

12. The wireless connection has been re-established.

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