Tips on Starting and Running Your Own Garment Decorating Business

Who Are My Customers? ...Virtually Everyone!

Virtually anyone can be your customer. From businesses, stores, schools, fundraisers and churches, through neighbors, friends, clubs and municipalities. Everyone buys embroidered and garment printed goods. Here are some examples of people, groups and organizations that are your potential customers:

Corporate identity/incentive programs

It is more commonplace for office workers to wear "office casual" clothes, including shirts, sweaters, jackets and other items embellished with their company's logo. These garments are also often given away at corporate functions, parties, and sales conventions. In addition, companies often give away items embroidered/printed with their company logo to customers.

Local retailers/service businesses

Hair salons, restaurants, auto service stations, real estate offices, banks, and cellular phone stores, to name a few, are all potential customers for clothing and other items featuring personalization.

Print Shops/Screen printers/Ad Specialties

Embroidery and printing are popular additions to these businesses' offerings. Look to them for contract work opportunities.

Clubs and Civic Organizations

These members snap up embroidered clothing and inkjet printed t-shirts and wear them to advertise their membership. For example, bicycle clubs and outdoor organizations offer their members embroidered/printed emblems to commemorate major group rides and other events. How about offering embroidered "fanny" packs, backpacks, and caps?

Churches, Synagogues, and Other Houses of Worship

Religious celebrations, such as weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, christenings, confirmations and other special milestones present the perfect opportunity for personalized gifts.

Special Events

Special events, such as fairs, concerts and festivals are a great opportunity to sell embroidered products and inkjet printed t-shirt souvenirs. Perhaps you can even set up your own embroidery booth at these events.

Schools, Clubs and Organizations

Elementary, middle and high school, colleges and he myriad of clubs and organizations as sociated with them are all potential markets for you to embellish shirts, athletic bags, uniforms, backpacks, sweatshirts and more.

As you can see, potential customers are everywhere. You don't have to look hard to find them. You may be surprised to see how quickly you can add to this list.