CNC Tapping Center HS-70A

[Main Unit] [NC Unit] [Dielectric fluid supply tank]
[B-axis index table (option)] [Other option]

Main unit
Item inch (mm)
Maximum workpiece dimensions 22.8 x 15.3 x 6.7 (580 x 390 x 170)
Maximum workpice weight 770lbs (350kg)
X and Y axis stroke 16.1 x 10.2 (4110 x 260)
Z axis stroke 6.7 (170)
Maximum machining speed 28inch2/hour (300mm2/min)
Optimum surface roughness 0.01µinchRa (0.26µmRa)
Maximum table feed speed 36inchi/min (900 mm/min) : positioning
12inchi/min (300 mm/min) : machining
Wire diameter 0.004, 0.006, 0.008, 0.01, 0.012
(0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3)
Wire guide system Round diamond
Wire feed speed 1.57 - 9.84inch/sec
(40 - 250mm/sec)
Wire tension 3 - 25 N
Maximum wire spool DIN 160/ P10 (13.5lbs & 10kg)
Wire recovery method Mechanical cutting with rotating blade
Wire recovery bucket capacity 44lbs (20kg)
U and V axis stroke ±1.28 x ±1.28 (±3.25 x ±3.25 )
Maximum taper angle Sharp corner taper, Cylindrical taper,
Conical taper, Independent U/V
4 axes programming
Dielectric fluid feed system Submerged type/ Flushing type
Main unit dimensions 40.9 x 66.2 x 76.2 (1040 x 1681 x 1936)
Main unit weight 3080lbs (1400kg)
Installation area 86.2 x 99.4 (2190 x 2525)
Including maintenance area
Power supply 3-phase AC V ±10% 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Total input 13.5kVA
Includes dielectric fluid cooling system

NC unit
Item inch (mm)
Controllable Axes X, Y, Z, U, V, B
Minimum setting unit 0.0001 (0.001)
Minimum drive unit 0.000004 (0.0001)
Maximum command value ±999.99999 (±9999.999)
Interporation functins Linear, Arc
Positioning command functions Relative, Absolute
Input Keyboad, RS-232C, Ethernet
Display 12.1" color LCD (SVGA)
Memory 1,000,000inch (25,400m)
Number of programs 1000
Operating modes Program, Back, Trace, Jog, Step,
Breakpoint return, Centering,
Edge find, Zero-point retum
NC-Functions Machine lock, Dry run, Single block,
Optional stop, Metric/ Inch select,
Stored stroke limit,Subprogram,
2D/3D (surface/ wire-frame) graphics,
Machining time display,
Correction of pitch error,
Automatic condition setting,
Servo feed & thickness corner contorol

Dielectric fluid supply tank
Item inch (mm)
Dielectric tank supply 360 L
Filter system 2 internal pressure filters
Ion exchanger capacity 7.5 L
External dimensions 25.6 x 55.8 x 48.8 (650 x 1417 x 1240)
Weight (empty) 473 lbs(215kg)

B-axis index table (option)
Item inch (mm)
Setting unit 0.00001 deg
Minimum movement unit 0.00072 deg
Maximum rotation speed 20 min-1
Load weight 18 lbs (8kg)

Other option
  • Dielectric fluid cooler
  • Vertical alignment guage
  • Auxiliary base
  • Wire guide (0.004 - 0.012)
  • Rotation status lamp (single/ triple)
  • I/O interface boad
  • Manual pulse emitter
  • lower cover
  • Auxiliary power supply device
  • Expansion memory (256Mbyte)
  • Removable deta strage unit (FDD)
  • Task light
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