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The world's first personal digital notebook
Until now, mobile computing has been limited to a select group of individuals. The GeoBook will change all that. GeoBook is a notebook style computing device designed for the user who is more concerned about functionality than technology.It gives you all the functions you really need from a notebook at the price of an organizer. And its as easy to use as it is to afford. Turn it on and start computing, full word processing, spreadsheet, Internet access and e-mail, address book and planner. Simple main menu icons allow you to quickly access every application, and the fullsize keyboard and a backlit VGA display makes GeoBook the ideal mobile computing device for business, home, and school. The GeoBook...its' everything you need from a notebook at the price of an organizer.

Word Processing

An easy-to-use word processing and desktop publishing program which offers the flexibility for creating everything from the simplest memo to the most sophisticated desktop published documents. This versatile application offers full WP capabilities plus the ability to incorporate drawing functions to get extra creative with your documents. Your files can be imported or exported to a PC for filesharing. A variety of font sizes and styles are available, plustemplate files to help you create some of the more common types of documents such as newsletters, business letters, memos, etc.
  • True WYSIWYG
  • Drop Down "window-like" menus
  • Short Cut keys
  • Pinnable menus
  • Icon Toolbar
  • 10 font styles
  • 9 text styles
  • Scaleable fonts from 4 pt. to 792 pt.
  • 120,000 word spell corrector
  • 40,000 word the saurus
  • Undo, cut, copy and paste text and graphics
  • Drag and drop text and graphics
  • Editing views from 25% to 200%
  • Alignments: Left, Right, Center, Justified
  • Line Spacing: 1, 1.5, 2, 3
  • Bulleted lists
  • Tabs: Left, right, center, decimal, dot leader
  • Merge data from other applications
  • Hard page breaks, hard and soft hyphens
  • Special characters and symbols
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Multi-line headers and footers
  • Title page
  • Document Notes
  • Word Count
  • Templates to help you get started
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Print range of pages
  • Print up to 99 copies
  • Fax pages directly


The Spreadsheet application makes calculationsquickly and efficiently. You can use a spreadsheet for tracking your budget, creating presentations and playing "what-if". The GeoBook spreadsheet has 99 built-in functions and 7 different types of chartsand graphs. You can export to or import from Lotus 1-2-3, Comma Separated Values (CSV), or dBase IV. These formats are recognized by may programs. Or, you can copy ranges of cells from the spreadsheet application to other applications, such as word processing. The spreadsheet application includes templates for an Invoice, Checkbook Register, Purchase Order and Travel and Expense Report.
  • Professional level spreadsheet
  • Drop down "window-like" menus
  • Pinn able menus
  • Icon Toolbar
  • 7 types of charts and graphs (column, bar, line, area, X-Y plot, pie, high/low)
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Width/height row and column adjustment
  • Cell borders
  • Cell & range naming
  • Cell Notes
  • Row, column and range sorting
  • Headers & Footers
  • Show or hide grid lines
  • Auto or manual recalculation
  • Built-in functions including financial, mathematical, logicaland statistical
  • Printing, faxing, importing and exporting files


Use the full range of drawing tools for creatingobjects such as boxes, circles and tars or use the freehand drawingtools to get super creative. Flip, twist, and rotat designs andartwork for added effect. You can import PCX, TIFF, GIF and BMP files int your drawing document. After you create a drawing, you can copy it into a word processing or spreadsheet file. Some drawing templates are included to give you some ideas for items such as Meeting Signs, Greeting Cards, Invitations, etc.
  • Drop down menus
  • Pinnable menus
  • Icon Toolbar
  • Object-oriented draw program
  • Drawing Tools and Bitmap tools
  • Import PCX, TIFF, GIF and BMP files
  • Group objects (fuse) for rotation and scaling
  • Explode objects (defuse)
  • Create shapes like triangles, polygons or stars
  • 6 editing views 12% to 400%
  • Flip, scale, rotate, skew or duplicate objects
  • Direct object editing
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Solid or see through objects
  • Stack (overlay) objects, move stacked objects forward or backward
  • Print or fax pages


Use the default addressbook for your day today needs or create multiple addressbooks for multiple applicationssuch as a personal addressbook, business addressbook, etc. Store important information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, special not ations about entries, etc. The data in the addressbook can bemerged into files to personalize documents or to create mailing labels. With the optional Puma IntelliSync® Synchronization Software,data can be synchronized with these popular PC PIM applications: ACT®3.0, MS Schedule + 7.0®, Lotus® Organizer 2.11, Starfish Sidekickfor Windows® 3.11/Windows® 95, Now Up-To-Date for Windows® 1.0, Day-Timer Organizer 2.0, Goldmine and Ecco 3.03/4.0. If you have the addresses already on your desktop PC, you won't have tore-type, simply synchronize it with your GeoBook.
  • 3 view models: card, list or both
  • 5 phone numbers per entry
  • Search addressbook for text (case sensitive)
  • Cut, copy and paste
  • Print names, addresses, phone numbers
  • Print names and phone numbers only
  • Print mailing lists
  • Undo
  • Name and manage multiple addressbooks
  • Add notes to address cards
  • Print or fax data
  • Optional Puma® IntelliSync Synchronization software is available to synchronize the information in your GeoBook with the Addressbook information in your PC.

File Manager

Organize your files with the file manager. Savetime looking for your information by storing your files into folderswhich you have named yourself. File manager also helps you delete,copy, sort and rename files. In addition, the file manager will guide you through formatting new disks and backing up your work.The file manager will list the files stored in each memory location along with their file size. You can open applications directly from the file manager application by selecting a file from a file managerlist.
  • Copy, move, delete and rename files
  • 32 character file names
  • Copy, move, delete and create folders
  • 99 character file notes
  • Direct editing of files and folders
  • 2 viewing modes - icons or names with details
  • Sort data by date - creation or manipulation
  • Copy, name, format and scan disks


Use this planner/calendar for scheduling important appointments. Never miss an important deadline, meeting or scheduled phone call. Print the calendar by day, month or year at a glance.With the optional Puma IntelliSync® Synchronization Software,data can be synchronized with these popular PC PIM applications: ACT® 3.0, MS Schedule + 7.0®, Lotus® Organizer 2.11, StarfishSidekick for Windows® 3.11/ Windows® 95, Now Up-To-Date for Windows® 1.0, Day-Timer Organizer 2.0, Goldmine and Ecco 3.03/4.0. If you have a calendar or planner already on your desktop PC, you won' thave to re-type, simply synchronize it with your GeoBook.
  • 3 view modes: calendar, events, both
  • Quick view: today, this week, this weekend, this month
  • Print events by day, month or year
  • Manage multiple calendars
  • Repeating events (weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Event notes (up to 10K characters per event)
  • Search for text in events
  • Print or fax data
  • Optional Intelli Synk Synchronization software is avail able to synchronize the
  • information in your GeoBook with the Planner informationin your PC.

Book Reader

Two reference books on disk for easy accessto important information. By opening one of these files from thedisk, you can search for specific data within the book. One of thebooks lists area codes for major cities throughout the US and theother book lists their zip codes.
  • Jump to table of contents
  • Cut, copy and paste to documents
  • Turn page tool to move forward/backward
  • Hyperlinks to quickly move to important information


Scrapbook stores pieces of text and graphicsthat are used often. Items are easily retrieved from the scrapbookand placed into files. Scraps can be moved or copied into the scrapbookfrom any of the GeoBook applications or imported from PC applicationsin ASCII, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Word (DOS version), WordPerfect, BMP,PCX, GIF and TIFF formats. Clip art images are usually stored asscraps in the scrapbook.
  • Create multiple scrapbooks for specific projects ortopics
  • Scroll pages or jump to specific pages
  • Cut, copy and paste to applications
  • Give descriptive names to pages
  • Import from PC applications


Looks and works like a standard hand-held calculator.You can access this application from the main menu or from the functionkey row. Includes calculation templates for household, retail, statisticaland financial worksheets. In addition to standard calculations,you can also use the calculator function to do standard measurementconversions including:
  • inches/centimeters
  • feet/meters
  • gallons/liters
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius

other features include:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Percentage, square root, number squared and inversion
  • Measurement conversions
  • Cut and paste to other applications
  • Memory features
  • Paper tape indication

To Do List

Never forget to complete a task. Geobook's ToDo List allows you to keep a running list of important items thatneed your attention. Add, delete and mark off items as needed. Withthe optional Puma IntelliSync® Synchronization Software, datacan be synchronized with these popular PC PIM applications: ACT®3.0, MS Schedule + 7.0®, Lotus® Organizer 2.11, Starfish Sidekickfor Windows® 3.11/Windows® 95, Now Up-To-Date for Windows® 1.0,Day-Timer Organizer 2.0, Goldmine and Ecco 3.03/4.0. If youhave a To Do List already on your desktop PC, you won't have tore-type, simply synchronize it with your GeoBook.
  • Create, Edit, Print, Delete and Remove items as needed
  • Set Priorities and sort by priority
  • Create multiple To Do Lists
  • Fax list
  • Optional IntelliSynk synchronization software is availableto synchronize the information in your GeoBook with the To Do informationin your PC.


This application offers TCP/IP connection tothe Internet. The connection is made through the built-in modem.In order to use the Internet application, you must
subscribe to an Internet Service Provider. GeoBookhas been pre-configured to work with the EarthLink® Network. Brotherusers who subscribe to EarthLink will have the $25 sign up fee waived.However, you may select a different ISP if you wish. (except softwaredependent ISPs such as AOL, CompuServe, etc.) The Brother GlobeHopper;web browser provides non-graphical browsing of the Internet. Inaddition, the E-mailer program allows you easily send and receive InternetE-mail messages.

GlobeHopperTM Net Browser

This non-graphical browser offers text onlyviewing of home pages on the World Wide Web. You will see the texton each home page. However, the images that appear on the home pageswill be represented by a small icon box. Moving to each URL is simple.You can view, download or print data directly from the Internet.
  • TCP/IP connection to the World Wide Web
  • Subscribe to any ISP (except software dependent ISPs suchas AOL, CompuServe, etc.)
  • PPP Protocol
  • Toolbar includes functions for Open URL, Stop URL, Refreshscreen, Back, Forward, Add Bookmark, Show Bookmark
  • Link to additional information
  • Find feature for searching the pages
  • Save or print

GlobehopperTM E-Mail

The Emailer application is one of the featuresused most often on GeoBook. Keeping in touch has never been easier or less expensive. Once you have subscribed to an Internet ServiceProvider, and receive an E-Mail address, you can begin to send and receive E-mail. Although you cannot use AOL, CompuServe or Prodigyas your ISP you can certainly send and receive E-mail to subscribersof those ISPs. After selecting the emailer application you can composea message, attach a file to it if you wish and send it to anyone who has an Internet e-mail address. When receiving your mail, youcan read it, save it, forward it to someone else, print it or delete it.
  • Subscribe to any ISP (except software dependent ISPssuch as AOL, CompuServe, etc.)
  • POP3 Mail Protocol
  • Preferences set up for e-mail address and password data
  • Indications for Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Trash with numberof items in each area
  • Icons for Get Mail, Compose, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Previous, Next, Move, Delete and Print
  • Sort messages by date, subject or sender
  • Create and store addressbook
  • File attachment to e-mail message
  • Add a signature phrase
  • Sort or search mail files


Customize your Geobook to fit your own personality and applications. Change the title of the main menu screen, set the time and date, etc. Use Preferences to make your selectionsfor how you wish to configure your GeoBook. For example, you canselect whether you wish to use the glide pad or an optional serial mouse. Or, you can select options regarding the screen saver. Personalize GeoBookso that every time you turn it on you're up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Set Time and Date
  • Battery Charging
  • Fax Options
  • Mouse or Glidepad selection
  • Display time and date
  • Setting interval for screen saving
  • Screen saver pattern
  • Document safeguarding options
  • Main Menu customization
  • Modem set up
  • Printer set up
  • Turning error/alert sounds on/off

Games (on Disk)

Two popular games are provided on disk for hours of entertainment. The two games are accessed from the File Managerapplication. Simply click on the icon for the game and you'll be ready to play. In addition to the two games that come with GeoBook, you can purchase game packages as options.
  • Solitaire - Test your skill in this popular card game.This electronic version looks and plays the same as the real cardgame. Includes 3 levels of play from beginner to advanced.
  • Turnabout - A strategy game where you try to gain control of the board by capturing your opponent's pieces. You can play again st another person or GeoBook

Clip Art Images

A variety of clip art images are provided on one of the disks that comes with GeoBook. In addition, BMP, PCX, GIF and TIFF format images can be imported into GeoBook. All imagesare stored as a page in the scrapbook area. When you want to includean image in your document, the image is copied from the scrapbook into the file.
  • 100 Mono Images
  • 31 Color Images
  • Import BMP, PCX, GIF and TIFF file formats


Templates are pre-formatted documents that you might want to customize for your specific use. These template file sare examples of the types of files that many users will create ontheir own. The purpose of these templates is to give users ideason how to create their own documents or to allow them to customize theexisting templates to their specific application. The GeoBook ships with the following templates stored on a disk.

Includes templates for: Word Processing Files

  • Business Letter
  • Envelope #10
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Fun Fax Cover Sheet
  • Formal Personal Letter
  • Informal Letter
  • Informal Memo
  • Travel It inerary
  • Menu
  • Overhead Slide
  • Newsletter (1 column)
  • Newsletter2 (2 column)
  • Resume
Drawing Files
  • Meeting Sign
  • Birthday Card
  • Party Invitation
  • Picnic
  • Student Award
  • Thank You Card
Spreadsheet Files
  • Checkbook Register
  • Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Travel and Expense Report

Text File Editor (on Disk)

This program allows you to read, write and edit DOS text files which are stored in an ASCII format. Similar to a word processing program, but does not allow special formatting such as bold, adjustable tabs, page breaks, etc. Some users of GeoBook wil prefer to type their information into ASCII format if they will be sending it electronically.

World Clock

The World Clock shows the current time and date for a home city and for a destination city. This feature is extremely helpful when traveling with your GeoBook to destinations outside your time zone.


You can use the built-in modem to communicate with computers or bullet in board systems. You can share data with others who are using a computing device with a communications package. The communication application allows you to set and store your system parameters for communicating.
  • Change the window size
  • Change the font size
  • Options menu for setting protocols
  • Terminal settings for TTY, VT52, VT100, WYSE50, and ANSI
  • Send and Receive Files
  • Create Scripts to automatically dial in to locations


  • 9.4"" monochrome backlit VGA display with 16 shades of gray
  • AMD®-ELAN SC300-33 Processor
  • GEOS 3.0 operating system
  • GlidePad pointing deivce
  • Built-in 33.6/ 14.4 kbps data/ fax (send only fax) modem
  • Full Color VGA port
  • Memory PC card slot, type II
  • 1 serial port
  • 1 parallel port
  • 1 NiCd Battery Included, 2nd NiCd Battery optional
  • AC adapter included
  • Unit Dimensions 11.2"" x 1.9"" x 9.7""
  • Unit weight 4.2 lbs
  • UPC code: 012502531258


  • WordProcessing
  • Speadsheet
  • Drawing
  • Addressbook
  • Calculator
  • Communications
  • Book Reader
  • Planner/Calendar
  • Games
  • To Do List
  • GlobeHopper
  • Net Browser
  • E-mail
  • Clip Art


  • Can be connected to most laser, ink jet and dot matrix PC printers.


  • Built-in templates for key applications
    • Word Processing
    • Drawing
    • Spreadsheet
  • Graphic clip art images
  • Import BMP, TIFF, PCX file formats
  • Import/Export files to major PC software packages
  • Solitaire and Turnabout games
  • Ability to connect external mouse (Serial Port)
  • Ability to connect external Color monitor for full color
  • viewing (VGA Port)


  • TCP/IP connection
  • GlobeHopper-Internet browser (HTML 3.2 and HTTP 1.1 compliant)
  • Send fax capabilities
  • Send/Receive Internet E-mail (POP3 Protocol)


  • Puma® IntelliSync Synchronization Software
  • Game Software
  • BA-4000 NiCd
  • CA-4000 Carrying Case
  • MFD-80 Package of 10 HD Disks
  • Flash memory cards - FC4-(4MB) and FC10-(10MB)
  • ECI External Battery Charger

Specifications subject to change without notice.