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Colored Label Tape

Brother™ has colored label tape for your business or office needs. Find Brother colored label tape in standard laminated varieties and also extra strength adhesive tape. Choose the right colored label every time with your choice of color, size and style to make the perfect impression and to help you get organized. Laminated colored label tape is water resistant, stands up to grease, grime and the elements, so you can have perfect colored printable labels for indoor or outdoor use.

P-touch® Laminated Tapes

Laminated Tapes
Brother™ has a wide variety of TZ tapes to choose from. Besides the standard black on white or black on clear tapes, there is a full assortment of colored tapes in various widths and sizes.

Brother™ also offers a large variety of tape types - everything from Extra Strength tape to Acid-free tape, so you can choose the right tape every time!

These TZ laminated tapes are heat and cold resistant and also withstand UV and abrasions.

Fluorescent Tapes

Fluorescent Tapes
Fluorescent colored label tapes from Brother have a background that stands out because of their bright, vivid color. Some of the best uses for these tapes are as warning and instruction labels in factories and as advertising labels in stores.
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