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A Family of Powerful Solutions to Help You Stay Competitive

Retailers have a unique set of goals and objectives. They need to stay competitive, provide an enhanced customer experience, and maintain profitable operations in a dynamic and changing environment. Whether you have a single store or operate a large multi-location chain, Brother has solutions that can complement your retail business. We partner with many of the same retailers you do business with every day – and our products, solutions and services are all designed to help you achieve your vision of success.


  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Drive efficiency for increased profitability
  • Accelerate and automate workflow processes
  • Support mobile devices
  • Keep data private and secure

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Manage Security and Protect Data

Security is a critical concern for today’s retailers. Brother can help minimize risks and aid internal and external IT compliance.

Merchants are under intense pressure to protect themselves and their customers and employees from identity theft and other security breaches. Theft of personal information such as credit card data is growing, and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. With secure cloud storage, memory security, and password-protected printing and scanning, Brother gives you the tools you need to control access to sensitive data and keep it secure.

Reliability You Can Count On

Our reliable products can solve many of the input and output challenges retailers face on a daily basis.

Whether you want to refresh your technology or ensure your stores are equipped with the optimal mix of products, Brother is here for you. Many Brother products have won numerous awards and recognition for their reliability and are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to developing products that deliver performance and value.

With Brother as your trusted partner, you will have the right technology in the right place – for today and tomorrow. Take advantage of our family of versatile and powerful products, services, and tools that are designed to help you provide excellent customer service as well as lower costs.

Support Mobility

Improve processes, expedite the checkout experience, and enhance customer satisfaction with mobile solutions.

Brother has a variety of mobile solutions that can improve retail operations.

Benefits & Uses:

  • Capture, store, and access data from anywhere – at the checkout register, in the back office or stock room, or on-the-go.
  • Our products, services and cloud-based applications support mobile collaboration and workflow processes, and the streamlining of information related to customers, receipts, inventory, marketing, logistics, and more.
  • Our mobile solutions also enable the scanning and printing of credit applications, order forms, receipts from anywhere in the store. Your customers won’t have to stand in long lines, which can lead to better shopping experiences. Satisfied customers become loyal customers.
  • Plus, we have products that allow you to print on-demand items at virtually any location. Your store will be able to immediately react to promotional activities, discounts, and planogram changes which can help boost sales.

Accelerate Workflow and Increase Accuracy

Transform manual paper processes into easy and efficient electronic document workflows.

Retailers are steeped in paper – from receipts, W-4 forms, and marketing materials, to invoices, credit applications, employee training guides, and more. Inefficient management of these critical documents can result in errors, disorganization and a delayed workflow, which can negatively affect customer and vendor relationships, as well as profits.

Brother has solutions that can convert paper documents and images into searchable, high-quality digital documents so they can be easily archived, organized and shared with others. By digitizing documents previously locked in hard-copy form, mobile and desktop users can quickly access and review the documents and send them to email folders and other applications.

These innovative solutions facilitate communication and collaboration throughout the store and between different locations and departments, such as from purchasing or marketing to store operations. You’ll save time, reduce human error, increase productivity, and significantly improve your workflow.