•  Basic Cutwork - Embroider & Cut the included designs.
    This kit includes 30 beautiful .pes cutwork designs, which you can have your
    PR-series machine embroider and cut - No PC required!
  •  Intermediate Cutwork - Create appliqués from your own .pes files
    Turn any .pes lettering or design file into an appliqué - No PC required! Use the .pes files built into your PR-series machine, or import your own .pes files, and have your PR machine embroider and cut the design. Choose from the range of outline cutting shapes, and cutting functions, for custom creations!
  •  Advanced Cutwork - Design, Customize, and Digitize your own cutwork!
    Take your creativity to the next level! Use the PE-Design Next Version 9.2 Upgrade +CW software to design your own cutwork!
  • Easily cut and embroider your designs, without having to stop to change needles between steps.
  • After initially upgrading your PR-Series machine with the included upgrade software, you'll then replace needles 1 through 4 with the four color-coded cutwork needles, and thread the remaining needles on your machine as usual.
  • Now your PR-Series embroidery machine will be ready to embroider AND cut your design, without the need to swap between cutting and embroidery needles - another great benefit of owning a multi-needle machine!
  • The cutwork needles are marked 1 through 4, and provide four different angles of cutting.

Expand Your Creative Library with 30 Cutwork Embroidery Designs!

Perfect for the beginner looking to try cutwork for the first time. Choose from a selection of 30 beautiful cutwork designs. Embroider and cut appliqués, patches, and cutwork, all directly from your PR-Series machine. Designs include patterns with cutouts, appliqué patterns and patterns cut along their outline. No PC connection required!

Enjoy a Selection of Embroidery Appliqué Cutting Functions
Choose from 21 outline cutting shapes
Add outline shapes to any .pes design or lettering file built into your machine, or import your own .pes design or lettering file. Select from 21 outline cutting shapes, for appliqués, patches, and other cutwork projects. Popular shapes include circle, square, diamond, hexagon - and more!
 Choose from a range of cutting and stitching options
Choose from a variety of cutting and stitching options, directly from the LCD display
panel of your PR-Series machine. No PC connection required!
  •  Appliqué with Cut - Embroider, cut, and then satin stitch your design to fabric
  •  Outline Cut - Embroider, then cut
  •  Satin Stitch and Cut - Embroider, cut, and then satin stitch along your desired shape

Create Your Own Unique and Custom Embroidery Cutwork Designs!

Upgrade your PE-DESIGN® software to
PE-DESIGN® NEXT Version 9.2 with 4-Needle Cutwork with the included CD-ROM. Enjoy exceptional design and editing features, and the ability to create your own customized, original cutwork designs. With the innovative, versatile 4-Needle Cutwork Kit, your creative possibilities are virtually limitless!


  • 4 color-coded cutwork needles
  • CD-ROM containing PE-DESIGN® Next Version
    9.2 +CW Upgrade software
  • CD-ROM containing certification key wizard
    (for PR-Series machine upgrade software and instruction manuals), and 30 cutwork designs
  • Water soluble stabilizer - Appx. 12" x 59"
  • 2 cutwork needle-changing tools
  • Needle plate spacer
  • Tutorial DVD-ROM

  • Compatible with PR650, PR650e, PR1000, and PR1000e models; not compatible with PR620 Series models.
  • Internet connection and PC required to download Cutwork software.
  • Customers must have PE-DESIGN® Version 5.0 or above, or PE-DESIGN® NEXT, in order to use the full customizing and editing functions of the included PE-DESIGN® NEXT Version 9.2 Upgrade. The Basic Cutwork functions (embroider and cut included 30 designs) and intermediate functions (Create appliqués without a PC) can be used by upgrading your PR Series machine with the included firmware; the Basic and intermediate functions do not require previous versions of PE-DESIGN®, and do not require installing the included PE-DESIGN® Version 9.2 Upgrade.
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