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The best choice to wrap and flag cables and wires.
Already a standard for labeling face plates with telephone, fax and network symbols and identification numbers for almost 10 years, P-touch laminated labels are selected because of their high A standard for labeling face plates with telephone, fax and network symbols and identification.quality and durability. P-touch Extra Strength Adhesive labels are designed for slippery and textured surfaces and have a more aggressive adhesive that sticks better to patch panels, hubs, routers, 10/100 switches and 110 blocks. After pulling and testing your CAT5 and fiber cables, P-touch Flexible ID tapes can also be used for wrapping or flagging.

P-touch laminated labels are tested to withstand harsh environments like hot temperatures, direct sunlight, rain, snow and high humidity, and are perfect for both outside and inside plant labeling applications. P-touch labels come in a variety of practical colors like fluorescent orange, and yellow, useful for warning and caution safety labels.
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