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4-Cartridge Color Ink System

Genuine Brother ink is the result of extensive research & development of over 100 different elements.

When combined in the right quantity and configuration, these elements ensure reliable operation and protection of your machine and its long-life print head.

Correct Color Matching

Your Brother product uses a predetermined method of calculating the appropriate mixture of inks in order to create vibrant colors. This calculation is based upon Brother’s own ink formula and produces true to life images every time.

Even Ink Delivery and Distribution

The viscosity of original Brother ink is designed to flow through critical points of the print head with ease and on demand. This gives you an even distribution of ink on your page resulting in a visually more pleasing image.

Anti-smearing & Anti-clogging Qualities

To prevent pages from smearing during the printing process, genuine Brother ink penetrates and dries on the paper in the time optimal for your Brother machine. Delay between page prints is based on Brother ink drying time specification. To help prevent the print head from clogging, genuine Brother ink contains carefully selected dyes, penetrates, water and other material especially to meet the specifications of your Brother product, ensuring smooth and reliable operation of the print head.