Patient ID Labels

Print Durable Laminated or Low-Cost Paper Medication Labels and More

Patient ID labels and medication labels are important to patient safety in the healthcare industry. Medication errors result in tens of thousands of deaths each year. Barcoded patient ID labels for wristbands, medication doses, IV bags, specimen samples and more can be an effective part of you positive patient identification system.

Brother™ offers both low-cost paper labels to meet most of your patient ID labeling needs and long-lasting laminated labels for special environments that require a more durable label. Our patient ID labels can be easily attached to patient wristbands and medication doses to help ensure compliance with federal safety requirements.

Brother™ Solutions for Positive Patient ID Labeling Needs:


Industrial Handheld Labeler with Download Capability


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Enter patient ID and print laminated labels for patient wristbands and specimen samples anytime, anywhere. Labels withstand extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion.

Brother™ TD-4000

4" Wide Desktop

Label Printer


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Print barcoded safety labels up to 4" wide for blood bags, IV bags and more directly from your PC. Use on-demand labeling to help reduce costs and increase labeling effectiveness.

PT - 9700PC

Industrial Desktop Labeling System


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Print laminated patient ID labels for patient wristbands, specimen samples, tubes and more from your PC. Labels are durable enough to resist extreme moisture, temperature, chemicals and abrasion.

The Benefits of Using Brother™ for Patient ID and Medication Labels

Print professional-looking, barcoded labels for positive patient identification needs: wristbands, charts, medications, IV bags, specimen samples, bedside testing and more. With Brother's cost-effective paper label printing or durable laminated label printing solutions, you get the quality of a Brother™ product combined with the convenience and efficiency of on-demand labeling. Using barcoded patient ID labels helps you comply with the federal and healthcare industry requirements to improve patient safety and reduce medication errors.

Learn More About Positive Patient ID Labels with Brother

To learn more about how Brother™ P-touch® and Brother™ TD label printers can help you print positive patient ID labels, file folder labels and more, please click through the categories above. If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular Brother™ labeling solution, feel free to contact us or call us at 1 (866) 455-7713.

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