Web Connect - GOOGLE DRIVE™

What is it?

GOOGLE DRIVE™ online storage is a free service that lets you store and access your documents from nearly anywhere in the world. You can create, share and collaborate on files with others, which makes it easier to work while on the go.

What can I do with it?

The Brother GOOGLE DRIVE™ Web Connect feature connects your GOOGLE DRIVE account directly to your compatible Brother device, so you can:

  • Scan an image or document directly into your GOOGLE DRIVE account
  • Print and download documents directly from your GOOGLE DRIVE account

What is the benefit?

The Brother GOOGLE DRIVE Web Connect feature lets you scan documents or images into your GOOGLE DRIVE account from virtually anywhere you have access to a compatible Internet-connected Brother All-in-One or Scanner. You can also access and print your important documents from your GOOGLE DRIVE account without using a computer.

Compatible models


Services and functions may vary depending on the model of your Brother device.

GOOGLE DRIVE is a trademark of Google Inc.

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