Web Connect – ONENOTE®


What is it?

ONENOTE is an online service from Microsoft that makes it easy for multiple users to upload, organize and notate multiple documents using a computer or mobile device, from nearly anywhere they have internet access.

What can I do with it?

The Brother Web Connect feature connects your ONENOTE account directly to your compatible Brother device, so you can:

  • Scan a document or image directly to your ONENOTE account

What is the benefit?

Scanning documents into ONENOTE is an ideal way to share information between multiple branches of the same office, a mobile sales team or other professionals deployed in the field - even members of a global workforce! ONENOTE enables genuine collaboration by giving multiple users the ability to modify and edit documents with their notes, thoughts, pictures, tables and more.

Brother + ONENOTE: Better Together

Brother + OneNote: Better Together

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