Tips on Starting and Running Your Own Garment Decorating Business

Open Your Doors for Business and Let the Excitement in!

Now that you've decided to start your own garment decorating business, you need to make a few decisions. Here are some ideas to get you started in the right direction.

Choose Your Location

Examine your interests, skills, and personality type. Do you prefer the flexibility of working from home, or do you need the structure of working in a retail store environment? Perhaps you'd like to take your embroidery equipment on the road to trade shows, festivals, carnivals and other profit-making opportunities? Once you determine the physical location of your new business, you can decide who your customers will be, how to reach them, and what equipment you'll need.

Determine Your Niche Market

You must decide which unique and special services you can provide that will ensure the success of your business. Talk to potential customers and perhaps even get some advance orders.

  • Who will buy your services and how often?
  • Who also provides this service or something like it?
  • How big is the market? What segment will you target?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What will it cost to produce, advertise, sell & deliver the product?
  • What price can you charge? What is the markup? How much do you need to sell to make a profit?

Choose Your Garment Decorating Equipment

It's critical to have the right equipment. Brother has been a leader in the industrial garment decorating industry, and offers a full line of industrial embroidery machines, software, the GT-541 inkjet garment printer, and a fully stocked parts and accessories store (PAS). People like you rely on Brother because:

  • Brother machines have a wide range of user-friendly features and capabilities - to produce the high quality embroidery on a broad range of products
  • Brother's GT-541 garment printer produces large, full-color designs right from your computer, quickly and easily
  • Brother offers online product and software help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your business up and running
  • Brother offers a wide range of software options to help you digitize and edit your own embroidery designs as well as existing designs that are rescanned or come from an electronic file
  • Brother embroidery machines can be networked together for maximum productivity

How to Reach Your Customers

From the start, it's critical that you communicate a consistent message to potential customers.

We recommend you consider the following:

  • Business Cards - get plenty and hand them out at every opportunity
  • Stationery - for letters, invoicing and general correspondance
  • Flyer/Brochure - a one page description of your products/services should suffice in the beginning
  • Press Release - send a press release announcing the opening of your business and send it to all of your local newspapers and trade publications
  • A Web Site - creating and hosting a web site has never been easier or cheaper
  • E-mail Contact List - to announce specials, promotions, discounts, and company news
  • Advertisements - Yellow pages, local newspapers, church bulletins, and anything else your customers read make great places to advertise.
  • Promotional Items - There is a wide range of items that you can get your logo and business message printed on, from pens and post-its to stress balls, that you can give away to generate more business
  • Networking Events/Trade Shows - the more you network and promote your business, the more orders you will get.