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PocketJet® 6 and PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printers. For printing full-page documents practically anywhere, even in extreme heat and cold…
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Fast, reliable full-page printing of professional-looking quotes, estimates, parts lists, work orders, and accident reports and claim summaries with pictures

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PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 Plus mobile printer
  • Up to 6ppm, at 300 dpi resolution
  • Prints up to 8.5" wide
  • Compact – only 10" x 2" x 1.25"
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer
PocketJet® 6 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but with:
  • Up to 6ppm, at 200 dpi resolution
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
PocketJet® 673 mobile printer
All the features of the PocketJet® 6 Plus, but for:
  • Printing from Apple® iPad® and iPhone® devices◊
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Fast, reliable full-page printing of professional-looking quotes, estimates, parts lists, work orders, and accident reports and claim summaries with pictures

PocketJet® 6 full-page thermal printing solutions provide both extreme portability and performance, and are a perfect fit for insurance professionals on the go. Small and light enough to fit in a computer bag or briefcase, these battery-powered printers deliver fast, high-resolution text and graphics printing practically anywhere a sales agent or claims adjuster needs to be.

Sales agents can produce professional-looking documents with crisp text, graphics and logos, sealing the deal on the spot. They can print contracts, proposals, financial plans, policies and quotes and more – on demand, on letter or legal size paper – in the customer’s home or office. (For an added professional touch, cut sheets preprinted with their company’s logo in color are also available.)

Claims adjusters can quickly print accident reports, appraisals and work estimates, repair authorizations and more from their laptop or handheld on site. Because the PocketJet® 6 printers feature up to 300x300 dpi output resolution, these reports and other documents can also include high-quality pictures from accident scenes or vehicle or property damage to clearly identify issues in copies left with customers or sent to repair facilities. Providing these printed materials onsite so quickly after any incidents can reassure customers that everything is under control and being handled properly, enhancing customer confidence when they need it most.

By employing more reliable thermal printing technology, which requires fewer moving parts than inkjet printers and no inks to replace, there’s much less to go wrong. There’s also only one consumable – high-quality Brother™ thermal paper*, available as letter or legal cut sheets, fanfold, or continuous rolls.

Reliable, high-performance PocketJet® 6 printers are also among the smallest and lightest full-page mobile printing solutions available today, at only 1.3 lbs. including the NiMH battery*. Their small size and weight makes them easy to carry directly to the customer’s home, office or accident location, and print onsite without additional adapters or AC power.

The fast print speeds and print quality of inkjets, with fewer problems

Reliable thermal printing means fewer moving parts, no inks to worry about, and only one consumable – premium Brother™ papers*. Yet print speeds and print quality are generally equivalent to the leading mobile inkjets, but in a far more portable, reliable and easier to maintain device.

Small, lightweight, portable and versatile

Compact PocketJet® 6 printers weigh about 1.3 lbs. (including the NiMH battery*) and easily fit in a briefcase, computer bag or shoulder tote. Since they print on a wide range of 8.5" wide Brother™ thermal media* – including custom pre-printed cut sheets or fanfold paper with a company’s logo in full color, synthetic media and more – they are highly versatile, too.

Print documents with high-resolution text, graphics and pictures – anywhere

These battery-powered devices allow your sales agents or claims adjusters to quickly print high-resolution text, graphics and pictures in up to 300x300 dpi – onsite – whether that’s in a customer’s home, office, or at an accident scene, critical for meeting customer expectations of prompt service, and helping to improve customer satisfaction.

Designed for professional mobile use – and to go where no AC outlets exist

PocketJet® 6 mobile printers are not consumer-quality printers “re-purposed” for mobile use; instead, PocketJet® printers were designed exclusively to meet the demanding needs of mobile professionals and perform reliably day after day in all types of environments and conditions.  They can be powered via an optional rechargeable Ni-MH battery*, an optional longer-life Li-ion battery*, or through optional vehicle adapters* to give you a full range of power options.

Full-page printing from laptops and handhelds

With an optional Bluetooth® technology interface* – and another model that connects wirelessly to Apple® iPad® and iPhone® devices◊ – contracts, sales agreements, estimates, work orders, reports and other documents can be easily printed wirelessly in the field, in their original sizes, right from PCs, PDAs, handhelds, and from many tablets and smartphones.

There’s only one consumable to manage

There are no inks to replace and only one consumable: high-quality Brother™ thermal cut-sheet, fanfold or continuous-roll paper*. A variety of these papers are available from Brother™ – including thermal papers designed to stay clearly readable for up to 20 years, synthetic media that resists extreme weather, and more.

*Requires additional purchase

◊ Requires download of a software development kit from the Brother Developer Center.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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