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Improve patient safety by printing wristbands and labels at the point of care.

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Watch the video of Tracey Carpentier, president of PDC Healthcare, and David Crist as they discuss why barcoding is important to patient safety.

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The new TrustSense™ Patient ID Printing Solution is designed with YOU and your exact business needs in mind. Versatile and transportable, it provides on-demand printing of the most in-demand media in Healthcare – patient wristbands and medical labels from PDC Healthcare, the leader in positive patient ID. Put the TrustSense™ Patient ID Printing Solution to work today in virtually any area of your hospital – from admissions, to lab, to patient bedside – and everywhere in between!

TrustSense™ Technology:
The smart and cost-effective way to be more productive, while ensuring best practices for patient safety and healthcare of the future

Cut the cords with wireless printer configurations that include Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® and Li-ion rechargeable battery for printing from a cart virtually anywhere through the continuum of care

Print wristbands and medical labels from the same printer with innovative add-on “at any time” features for use where it’s needed to help improve patient care work flow. Compact design is perfect when space is at a premium

No Regrets
Patients require care, not the printer. With TrustSense™ smart technology, the printer becomes easier to use with less downtime and improved reliability, plus 2 years standard warranty to help form a product that you can trust

From the trusted leaders in product innovation, customer confidence, and patient safety

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