Customer Testimonials

I am writing to thank you for the exceptionally good help I was given today by of our agents.  Probably the best help concerning a computer or printer problem I have ever received from anyone.

He was king, calm and concerned and polite---and knowledgeable about the kind of frustration felt by someone in my situation.  He not only immediately talked me through correcting the problem but, just to make sure I would have a reference for the future, sent me a detailed description of the procedure. 


I have just been guided by one of the best tech person I HAVE EVER WORKED WITH.  She was clear, concise and patient.

E. Cassano

I had the pleasure of working with Devan earlier today, as she solved a scanning problem I was having with my new Brother Laser printer. She was informative, technically savvy, and delightful to work with and solution oriented; she solved the problem! And, she taught me how to properly set the scanner to scan documents and pictures. She is the reason I always buy Brother printers as she is representative of the extraordinary customer support only brother offers. I will always choose Brother because of the technical support and the superior product coupled with superior customer/technical support.


Bravo Devan! Bravo Brother!

M. Drake 10/17/14

I was amazed at Brittney’s knowledge patience and calmness under fire; although she had to refer me to another department, she was so nice and patient through the call. She truly wowed me and I truly appreciate her ability to assist; I was very impressed with her level of expertise with this situation. I know it wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t resolve it, I just thought she was good and went above and beyond the call of duty to assist.

R.Peterson 10/3/14

I wanted to write this letter of appreciation and commend Corey for his patience and for the GREAT job he did.  I did not have the name of his direct Supervisor, please make sure this letter gets to all of his Supervisors and Managers.

I will definitely be telling all of my family and friends about the GREAT customer service I received.

L. Czerniak 10/13/14

I just finished a conversation with Devan.  She was courteous, efficient, and very knowledgeable.  In the three or so years I've owned this printer I have called Brother perhaps six times.  Each time I have received similar service from your tech people.  The quality of the printer (virtually flawless for 3 years) plus the superb tech help has made me a confirmed Brother user.  It's the only printer company I will buy from, and the only printer company I will recommend to others.  If you want to use any of this in advertising, by all means do so. 

M. Livatino 10/13/14

Earlier today Chloe helped me with some issues we are having with our MFC-9440CN machine.

I want her supervisor to know that Chloe was wonderful to deal with.

She was very patient and CLEARLY explained what I needed to do to help her troubleshoot the issues.
She talked me through each step. Once the possible causes were identified, she explained the solutions to each possible cause. She answered every question I had and gave me good advice.

I have dealt with many tech support people over the years, but Chloe was so pleasant to deal with that I wanted to let her supervisor know.

S. Hansen 10/14/14

It was an utter joy to work Corey. This was my 3rd time calling Brother about my situation where my previously connected wireless Brother printer and PC connection did not work after we changed our modem.  He was extremely patient going step by step while being completely charming, yet humble. He really is very good at his job and I wanted to take the time to mention his great work to you.  He is a really credit to Brother International.

C. Valliere  10/14/14