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Description of Problem 100000030252

I'm using Windows Operating System and trying to print to the ptouch/label printer on the wired network (Peer to Peer connection), but the machine stays offline and I cannot print. What should I do?

Description of Solution 200000038922

1.    Open Devices and Printers or Faxes and Printers window, right click on the PTouch/Label printer, select Remove device, and then click Yes.

2.    Go to

3.    Enter your model and then click Search button OR select a Product Group, Model, and then click Go.

4.    Under Downloads & Drivers tab, click on Downloads on our Online Solution Center.

5.    Under Downloads tab, Under Select OS, select your Operating System, and then click on the Search button.

6.    Under Printer Driver, click Download & Information. The screen changes supply the software version; update history and download/installation info.

7.    Click on the Download button, read the License Agreement, click I Accept and then click Save.

 Note: Steps below are setup using Windows Internet Explorer browser.

8.    Click Save button



9.    Click Open folder button



10. Double click on the downloaded file to unzip it.

11. It will create a folder name as a file name.

12. Double click on the folder and then double click on file name D_SETUP.exe and then follow the graphical steps below.

Note: If you are getting an error code 193, please open the sub-folder (x86 or x64) and then double click on setup.exe or dsetupu.exe.





NOTE: If the Brother Printer/Label below could not be found on your network, check the PTouch/Label printer to ensure it turns on with a solid green light (turn it OFF and ON if flashing) and also check the network connection between the PTouch/Label printer and the network HUB with a solid green light. If this problem is still existed please swap the network cable and plug it into a different network HUB’s port.



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