What is a CNC Tapping center ?

Brother's CNC Tapping Centers are introduced.

A CNC Tapping Center is a numerically controlled machine tool used for machining parts in every industrial field, featuring high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. Development of Tapping Centers has enabled milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities, and greater reliability that shatter conventional common sense.

Machines exported all over the world (as of 2011)
Machines exported all over the world (as of 2011)

Brother is a leading manufacturer of CNC Tapping Centers or #30 spindle machines. We began creating machines from the viewpoint of on-site users. We have systematically accumulated experience and machining expertise over forty years so that we are able to put our advanced mechatronics technology into practical use at the maximum level.Combining these hardware and software assets, Brother's CNC Tapping Centers have steadily been producing successful results all over the world.

Brother always looks to the future to expand new possibilities and continue development.

Transition of production quantity (as of 2011)
Transition of production quantity (as of 2011)

Since beginning production in 1985, we have achieved a considerable sales rate: 10,000 machines were sold in the ten years since the release.Sales then reached 20,000 after a further six years, and reached 30,000 after a further four years, and then reached 40,000 after a further two years. Speed achievement of 70,000 total production was carried out in 2011.

We began to develop the innovative idea "Use #30 spindle machines for machining possible by them" in 1998. "Creation of #30 culture" originated from Brother's Tapping Centers. The accumulated production quantity reached 70,000 in 2011. The latest products, such as motorcycles, automobiles, and IT equipment have been born from Brother's Tapping Centers playing an important role in production sites all over the world.

Example of advantages when replaced with #30 spindle machines
Example of advantages when replaced with #30
spindle machines

High-performance #30 spindle machines are fully capable of machining medium sized parts although these were generally machined by larger machining centers. They are also capable of drilling and milling, in addition to tapping.

Replacing conventional large machines with #30 spindle machines can reduce footprint, power consumption, machining time, and emission of CO2.
* Machining conditions for example of advantages:
M6P1.0, depth of 12 mm, 40 holes, and spindle speed of 2,000 min-1

Equipped with originally developed NC

Brother's Tapping Centers are equipped with an originally developed NC. Electro-mechanical integrated development has achieved an ideal NC control that maximizes the features of the machine.

High-speed and high-accuracy synchronous tapping

Equipped with our original "complete synchronous feed mechanism" (one pitch per spindle rotation), high-speed and accurate tapping, from large to small diameter, is possible and the required tap depth can be obtained. M24 tapping has achieved peripheral velocity of 377 m per minute (world's fastest). A quick return function (10 times faster than when cutting) is also provided, leading to reduction of tapping time and accuracy improvement.

High-speed spindle

An AC servomotor is used for the spindle to achieve dramatically quick response and high accuracy. Startup time taken until the maximum speed is reached is reduced, improving parts machining productivity.

High-speed ATC reduces tool change time

Brother's original mechanism and NC technology have achieved high-speed ATC, reducing non-cutting time considerably.

Product and performance

Product name Spindle speed
Max. tapping speed
Tool change time(s) Chip to Chip
TC-S2DN/ -O/ -S  10,000 6,000 1.6
27,000 8,000
TC-22B/ -O  12,000 8,000 2.4
TC-20B  30,000 10,000 1.1 (when using small tool)
TC-R2B  10,000 6,000 1.7
TC-32BN  12,000 8,000 2.0
TC-31B  16,000 6,000 1.7
22,000 8,000

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Catalog download

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Contacts - Product information

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