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A Solid Strategy, Focused Solutions
The PocketJet6 Series will be discontinued as of March 31st, 2016. Please see our New PocketJet7 Series today!

Mobile solutions for real markets.

Mobile solutions for real markets.

There’s no fluff or fantasy in our strategy. No wishful thinking. Mobile Solutions from Brother™ are precisely targeted on key vertical markets – markets that can immediately grasp the benefits we offer.

Among these verticals are:

Public Safety

PocketJet® 6 vehicle mount
PocketJet® 6 vehicle mount

Mobile Solutions from Brother can help increase the efficiency – and response velocity – of public safety operations by helping officers and staff document and report more accurately and efficiently, much closer to the point of activity.

With the capability to quickly print from car-mounted notebooks or even PDAs, every car in the fleet and every officer on the street becomes a full-functioning, instant-response mobile office.

Instead of handwriting reports, e-citations and violations – which can be time consuming and can lead to errors in later interpretation – officers can use their notebooks or handheld computers to enter, communicate and quickly print data virtually anywhere, and provide crisp, easy to read documents at the point of activity.

This can greatly increase officer efficiency, help reduce errors, and allow more time for community-oriented policing. By minimizing reliance on handwritten data and documents, it can also help deliver subsequent benefits, such as increasing municipal revenue collection rates, assuring better criminal conviction rates, as well as reducing system-wide administrative and clerical costs now associated with transcribing handwritten data from officers.

Mobile Printing Applications:

  • E-Citations
  • Warrants and depositions
  • Accident reports
  • Amber alerts

Route Accounting

RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 with optional shoulder strap*
RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 with optional shoulder strap*

If you have a customer with routine scheduled delivery operations – such as fuel, beverage, food, dairy, snack, beer, water or other regularly delivered consumables – Brother Mobile Solutions can help their pre-sales agents and drivers quickly produce the sales and delivery documents and labels they need, while they are face–to–face with the customer. This can help save time, help reduce errors, help improve customer satisfaction, and by producing invoices on site at time of delivery can also help increase the velocity of the A/R cycle.

Mobile Printing Applications:

  • Invoices and receipts
  • Returned goods labels
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Sales orders
  • Delivery receipts
  • Routing and maps

Field Service

RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 with optional belt clip*
RuggedJet™ RJ-4030 with optional belt clip*

By delivering more efficient ways of processing activities and transactions, Brother Mobile Solutions can help increase productivity and enhance the customer-service focus of field personnel.

The ability to print and process work orders, repair estimates, collection receipts, instantly, on site, can speed a host of field transactions, help improve work accuracy, decrease hand-written errors and also shorten A/R payment cycles.

Mobile Printing Applications:

  • Dispatch / work orders
  • Repair estimates
  • Collection receipts
  • Maps to customers
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Detailed instructions

Insurance / White-Collar Mobility

Print full-page documents with crisp text and pictures when you need them, wherever you need them
Print full-page documents with crisp text and pictures when you need them, wherever you need them

A promising new market for Brother Mobile Solutions, where the need for on-site printing is most essential to maintaining good customer relations and responding quickly to customer needs.

Our solutions address the critical needs of claims adjusters, sales personnel, and others in environments where customers are looking for immediate answers.

Mobile Printing Applications:

  • Accident and claim reports
  • Actuarial data
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Quotes and work estimates
  • Policies and policy changes
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